Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Wonderful (and sometimes not) World of Sports

Let's start with the not so wonderful. Awhile back I posted on how I think sports can bring out the worst in people, we saw it in action on Friday. Jonny and I are playing on an intramural team with Kirstin and people from her ward. The team we played was WAY too physical it was ridiculous. I got knocked over by several guys, on guy stepped on my hand (no apology), then one girl grabbed Jonny from behind by the shoulders and threw him down, pushed Kirstin from behind and knocked her on her stomach, pushed me from behind and then grabbed my arm and pulled me to the ground. Also, no fouls on any of these. The team was also killing us score wise but never stopped beating up on us physically. It was one of those games you just leave being mad about how everyone acted. We were hoping to play for fun but teams like that aren't fun.

Now the wonderful...the BYU vs. SDSU basketball game. BYU was ranked 9th and SDSU 4th. We had all sports passes so we could get in the game for free. It was quite the drama to get the wristbands to get us into the game but long story short we got the wristbands that guaranteed us a spot in line. We then had to get to the game at 4 (the game started at 8 and the doors opened at 6) to get in line.
So we got to spend 2 hours sitting out in the cold before the game but it was more than worth it! Plus it gave us time to work on our signs for the game.
It was the most amazing basketball game I have ever been to and arguably the best game ever at the Marriott Center. Jimmer Fredette played amazingly and gets the crowd going every time he scores. The defense was also amazing blocking shots and getting rebounds. The Marriott Center was painfully loud with everyone on the feet screaming. It was amazing.
The game ended with a win which led to a "You got Jimmered" chant and the crowd rushing the court.
I'm so glad we were able to get into the game and have good seats (thanks Kirstin!) it's a game that will be talked about for awhile.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 in Pictures

Keeping up the tradition here is 2010 in pictures. It's long again but it is going to be mostly pictures.
Jonny's Granddad's funeral
Outdoor skating with Jonny's family

Superbowl Party
Valentine's Day
Karleigh's Birthday
My birthday
Jonny's 14-layer birthday cake
Jonny's birthday with cousins
Katie's Birthday
Easter Dinner with cousins
Alumni Ball
Anniversary Dinner at Cheesecake Factory
S'more cupcakes for David's birthday

Snow in May
Cale's Wedding
Family trip to San Diego
Another rescue, little Polo
4th of July
Salt Lake Bees game
Pioneer Day hike
Cousin Dinner
Katie's Wedding
Jonny's cousin Clark's wedding
Trip to Lagoon
Halloween Cake Pops
Best Halloween costumes EVER
More football
Met the "will it blend?" guy at Costco
Lots of snow
Family Pictures
Christmas with the family
Christmas morning
New Year's Eve
I hope everyone had a great 2010 and Happy New Year!