Sunday, June 28, 2009

What is happening?

I feel like every time I have gotten on Twitter this week there has been a new trending topic about RIP _____. I got to work on Thursday and saw (on Twitter) that Farrah Fawcett had passed away. I got home from work and went out to the pool. When I came back in I took a shower and Ashley started banging on the door and said she was opening and told me Michael Jackson had died! Then I made the mistake of trying to call Jonny from the shower to tell him. Now I didn't have the phone in the actual water but it still got wet and got a little messed up. When I got out and finally got a hold of Jonny he turned on the news and said Michael wasn't actually dead yet. So I watched until the news got the news of his passing. I was a little disappointed that radio stations didn't play his music non stop for the next 24 hours but at least E and VH1 did tributes to him. Then today I was on Facebook and found out Billy Mays had died. I then went to Twitter and low and behold he was a trending topic. So really this has been a crazy week and a sad one. I feel like over the past two years lots of famous people have died pretty unexpectedly- Anna Nicole, Heath Ledger, Bernie Mack, Natasha Richardson and now these three.
A side note. If you ever get your phone wet put it in a bag of rice and it dries it right up. That's what I did and my phone is all better now!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crazy Weekend

This weekend was fun and tiring. On Friday our friend's roommates went out of town so she came up and had a sleepover. Before the sleepover we went to the Provo carnival. I seriously think that EVERY town in Utah has a carnival during the summer. We went on the Kamikaze and the Ferris Wheel. Elsie was freaking out, I was laughing through the whole ride because she was freaking out so much. There is actually a really funny video of it somewhere.
This was before Elsie freaked out.
Jonny and I waiting to go on the ride.
On the Ferris Wheel.
Then we came back to our apartment and played Monopoly Deal until WAY too late. It was Jonny, Seth, Hailey, Elsie and me. We all got a little crazy but it is always more fun that way. On Saturday we went and saw Star Trek, which was amazing I am definitely a fan. The we went to a Tongan wedding. Elsie's cousin got married and so we went with her. We ate more food there than I care to remember.
This is a picture of my plate when I was DONE eating. And I had stuffed myself.
There was pork, chicken, shrimp, mussels, some sort of salted beef, rice, egg roll like things (those were amazing), pasta salad with crab, some noodle thing, yams, caro, three kinds of cake. I think that was all. And I tried everything. Pretty much when I got home I wanted to throw up. The food was amazing, I just ate too much of it. We played Monopoly Deal and other games with friends again on Sunday. It was a very fun weekend but I did not sleep enough which means I ended up feeling less than ideal early this week but I'm over it now.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I love you Dad!

This is the first day year that I will not be spending Father's Day with my dad. I miss him very much. He is a wonderful father and does everything for us. Part of his present (which will be late) is my definition of what a father is. The first two are from the dictionary and the rest are what I think a father is, or at least what my father is.

fa’ther n 1 a male parent. 2 a person who begins, invents, or first makes something. 3 one who is an example. 4 one who supports: financially, emotionally, spiritually. 5 one who coaches soccer teams. 6 one who believes in his children. 7 one who loves unconditionally. 8 one who tells juvenile delinquent stories. 9 one who guides. 10 one who does not use a cell phone. 11 one who listens to NPR on the way to seminary. 12 one who rides bikes, swims, and works out almost nightly. 13 one who teaches. 14 one who loves In-N-Out. 15 one who loves crunchewy chocolate chip cookies. 16 one who likes to experiment in the kitchen. 17 one who is practical. 18 one who will do anything for his family. 19 one who teaches daughters how to drive. 19 one who jokes. 20 one who encourages. 21 one who says “I love you.”

Synonyms: patriarch, dad, example, teacher, friend

Happy Father's Day Dad! I love you

Monday, June 15, 2009

DHS Graduation and California

Jonny and I went home this weekend for his sister Kirstin's graduation. It was a surprise for his whole family so that was fun. It was a really good graduation, Kirstin sang so that was fun. We left Thursday evening and so we got in at about 5 am so that was tiring and it was annoying because there was tons of construction everywhere. So most of our trip looked like the picture below, orange cones lining the freeway.I had a surprise when I got home. Karleigh and my mom had redone my room without telling me. (Taryn this pictures are for you! Sorry they aren't the best but you get the idea.) I love it, I think it looks great. I was also surprised at how dark little Tokyo had gotten, I thought she was Boston!On Friday before the graduation Kars, Mom and I got pedicures. Always fun. I also got to have lunch with Darcey at Dos, so that was fun especially since I couldn't stay for her graduation party.

The graduation was nice, and it was cool outside so that was nice. I think my high school graduation was well into the 90s.After graduation I kinda just went to bed because I was exhausted.
Saturday was a nice relaxing day went to lunch Jonny and Cale. Took a nap. Went to a play put on by the Young Men and Young Women in out home ward. It was a parody on the story of Esther from the Bible. It was a musical and all the songs were from other musicals but they changed the words to fit the story. I actually liked it a lot. Then I went to UP, again, with Jonny's family and then went home and watched Fired Up with my family.
I had a little stowaway.
We headed back to Utah around 1ish. Sadly we left all of our cats with Jonny's parents so he can find a place to live and then we will bring them back. We made the trip back in good time which was nice. At one point I was not happy not only were we leaving California behind but the sun was behind us and a big storm cloud was in front of us. And it didn't even give us any cool lightening. That was pretty much my weekend. I loved being home and being with my family. The trip was too short but I had to get back for work.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


This weekend I did something that I have always wanted to do but always chickened out. I got hypnotized. A big group of us (which finally included Jonny now that he is done with his paper) went to Wiseguys to watch our our friend Seth perform in an improv show. It was funny and we were happy to support him. After his show there was a hypnotist show and I decided I would volunteer. I went out like right away and was out for a bit but then at one point the girl next to me fell asleep on me and when we woke up the popped up and hit me right in the chin and it broke my concentration and kinda woke me up. I stayed with it but then the guy came by and commented on how shiny my shoes were and said they looked like avocado and then said they looked like shiny guacamole I started cracking up. Ashley and I have been obsessed with guacamole for the past week and talked about how the word sound funny and so when he said it I just lost it. I seriously could not stop laughing and I knew it wasn't that funny but it was like when you get the giggles late at night there is nothing you can do about it. He tried to get me to relax again but I couldn't stop laughing so I just went back to the audience. I think if I had stayed up there I would have been out again cause sitting in the audience listening to him talk I would start to drift off when he told the people on stage to. So it wasn't completely successful but it was still fun and my friends had fun laughing at me for the time I was out. Well I guess now that I know not to be worried I will try it again!

Friday, June 5, 2009


My roommate is playing intramural soccer at BYU and so we went to support her. Hailey favorite word is domination, I don't know why but it is. So Ashley and I decided to make shirts for the game with the #4 on the front (her number) and domination on the back.
Here is Ashley and I modeling the shirts. The boys' don't have the sides tied.
We had a group of five of us all wearing the shirt and cheering her on.
Ashley and I at the game.
They won in a shootout after being tied 0-0 the whole game and through overtime. We were excited for her but sad that Karlie couldn't play, since she tore her ACL in her last game.
Karlie and I at the game, she was such a good sport.
Sadly Jonny couldn't come because he was working away at his paper. He has been working very hard for the past week (well all semester but especially hard this past week). He has had lots of projects and on top of that he has had to look for a new place to live on short notice so he has been very busy. I'm very proud of him and how hard he is working but I miss getting to spend lots of time with him We still made him a shirt so he will be able to jump in for the next game. Her team is in the tournament now and so hopefully we will get to cheer her on and wear a shirts all the way to the championship game!
The girls.
Karlie and I show off the back and Seth shows off the front.
The #1 fan section (minus one), matching shirts are a must.
Ashley and I with Hailey after the game. She played so well!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

SchoolTipline and Pool TIme

I haven't updated in awhile but I haven't done anything too exciting recently. I started my internship last week. I am working at company here in Provo called SchoolTipline. It is a really cool company, they work to prevent bullying and other crimes in schools. I have been helping with their social media aspects of PR (Twitter, Facebook, blog) it has been pretty fun. I also am getting in lots of pool time with Ashley and occasionally other friends and roommates. We are nice and tan now. One "interesting" thing that did happen was a trip to the ER with my roommate. She had a bad cold and was having trouble breathing so Jonny and I went with our friend Seth to take her to the ER. Luckily it wasn't anything serious and they just gave her some medicine and sent her home. We were there for about 3 hours and while my roommate was in the back Jonny, Seth and I gave the rest of the ER a show, we were having trouble not making jokes and laughing at everything. We did get to see a prisoner, in full on hand cuffs and chains go in so that was interesting. So that is pretty much all I have done these past few weeks. Hopefully I will be able to make a trip back to California in the next month or so, I miss it.