Sunday, November 30, 2008


This week was awesome because I finally got to go home for Thanksgiving YAY! It was really nice Karleigh and I flew home Tuesday night and then flew back to Provo Sunday afternoon. Luckily, there was absolutely no lines at the airport it was crazy! I really loved being home and spending time with my family. My babies Boston and Tokyo have gotten HUGE (especially Boston, he's a tank.) It makes the kitties we have out here seem even smaller. So, for our Thanksgiving movie this year we went and saw Twilight, I actually liked it a lot, I was very pleasantly surprised. I actually saw it twice, not because it was so amazing but because I wanted to see it with Jonny too! Dinner was of course amazing and there was tons of wonderful food. Then on Friday we went and got our tree. Jonny and Steven came so that they could join in the Apple Hill experience. We missed Taryn and Grant but we get to see them for Christmas, so that is good. We found a beautiful and big tree. We had to top it in order for it to fit in the house. Putting it up was an adventure, we got it all up and let the branches down but then it started tipping backward so we had to fix it, with all the decorations already on it! It took six of us to finally get it finished. So pretty much it was a great trip and I'm excited to go home again in less than 3 weeks!
Jonny and me looking for a tree.

The family with our tree.

Jonny being a tree.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So, I was super excited for the BYU/Utah football game only to be sorely disappointed. It started out with Utah scoring, worried me but then Collie had a 70 yard kick off return and I was so excited. 5 interceptions and a fumble later I was not so happy. We ended up losing 48-24, embarrassing and really hard to watch. It was just not Hall's day, but I still believe in him he did great this year except for in the Utah game, and there's always next year. Maybe Utah will go to a BCS bowl and win and so we can have a better ranking next year. We still had fun at our football party at Jonny's, ate lots of food, had cool stadium seating, done by Jonny and so that was fun. Now I just get to look forward to going home tomorrow! Here are a few pics from the party!
Karleigh and Lexi before the game on their cute laptops!
Me, Katie and Hailey still trying to smile even though we're losing. (I did this picture bigger in hopes that you could see my new haircut but it is still hard to see. Yes I changed it again.)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Almost there...

This last week has been extremely crazy, I'm so happy that it is over. I spent last weekend in Logan for Jonny's grandma's funeral, so time was spent with his family and not much work got done. I was also recovering from a stomach flu I had had since Wednesday. So here is a run done of what I had to do last week: I had to take an accounting test by Tuesday, write a book review on a book that was 350 pages (I was only on page 50), meet with a counselor to make sure I could graduate, apply for graduation, do a research presentation, help Karleigh register for classes, do research for a presentation I have to give on Monday and then do all of my normal class readings and home work. Some how I made it through all of this work and I actually got to relax some this weekend. I still had to do some work but I had the weight of having to do SO much gone, it was nice. I saw Quantum of Solace on Saturday night, it was excellent, I think I still like Casino Royale more but I don't know, this new one was confusing, I'll have to see it again. My "almost there" title refers to a few things first the BYU/Utah football game, I can't wait and I totally have faith in my cougars they can do it again (remember 2 years ago or last year?)! second going home! I can't wait I haven't been home for Thanksgiving since my freshman year which means I can go get our Christmas tree! and of course just Thanksgiving in general, I love it but it always gets looked over because people want to celebrate Christmas right after Halloween! Third I'm almost done with college...I have one semester left after this one then a summer internship and I will have my college diploma! I can't believe it, part of me will miss it but mostly I'm ready to be done. Time really goes by so fast.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Changing Creature

My senior year of high school I cut my hair short and ever since then I cannot stop changin it whether it be the color or the length. Taryn has been bugging me to get up a picture of my new brown hair so I thought this would be a good opportunity to show all that my hair has been through since I graduated high school. I'm going to skip over freshman year because there were no really exciting changes there, I went a little bit darker but not too noticable. Playing with my hair is also a lot easier since I have a hair school right be where I live that is really cheap. So here goes. Sophomore year I decided to go really dark. I am also growing my hair out. Sorry it's kind of hard to see I'm next to my grandpa on the left when looking at the picture. A few months after I went dark I also got bangs, which I liked in real life but not in picutes. Its up here but this gives you an idea of the bangs. Then I slowly went back to blonde for the summer, I missed it what can I say. Then during my junior year my hair was really long and I had it dark underneath and blonde on top, which I used to not like but it was actually one of my favorite ways to have it. The over the summer, after 2 years of growing it out I chopped it off! I love it short but I also miss having it long, especailly because I can't really curl it now. And then a week ago or so I dyed it a lighter brown, it is a little more red than I wanted but I like it, and this picture makes it look even more red. So there you have it, my hair has been through a lot, and who knows in a few months it'll probably change again!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Happenings

Halloween has come and gone, it's always amazing how that happens. Originally I thought this year was going to be kind of boring, I didn't have any plans and I didn't have a costume idea. In fact, I flirted with the idea of not dressing up at all, terrible I know. But at the last minute everything came together, I decided to be a ballet dancer warming up before a show. So all the make up and everything but not in the full costume. Jonny was my handsome pilot. We decided to have a Halloween party at his house so we threw it together at the last minute and it turned out pretty well. We had the chocolate fountain going, music and, of course, scary movies! We watched I Am Legend, not super scary but jumpy, and What Lies Beneath, that one is scary! We went to WalMart before to get everything that we needed for the party food and all that and we got a hay bale and corn stocks for $2 each, so that helped with decorations, and Jonny did an excellent job. We also got lots of candy for trick-or-treaters we were really excited but not many people came it kinda sucked but oh well. One of the best parts though was the little outfits we got for Roxy, Trixie and Houdini. We found little Halloween preemie onesies and they fit pretty well it was SO cute! and they didn't seem to mind too much, the cats looked funny when we first put the costumes on, they kinda waddled around and took really high steps. We also carved pumkins a few nights before Halloween, they were huge, Jonny's was 26 lbs. We just did faces Jonny's is goofy scary and mine is supposed to be a WAY simplified version of Jekyll and Hyde. Well that was pretty much my Halloween, now I just have to recover!