Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spinach Chicken Pasta Salad

So I am going to take Taryn's idea here and blog about a new recipe. It is super simple, tastes good and is healthy. I got the idea at a bridal shower and then changed it slightly since I didn't have the recipe. It's just spinach, pasta, chicken, apples, feta cheese and dressing. We just use the bagged spinach and bow tie pasta but anything will work. With the chicken we boil it with onions and garlic and other spices. Just cut up the apple and chicken into pieces and mix it in with the spinach and pasta then add dressing. We used a Italian Pesto dressing, it is nice because it is light but again whatever dressing you like will work. Mix it all up and then top with feta cheese.
It's really easy and fast. It is great for summer and is easy to make a lot of. It is also good as leftovers which is nice.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

All kinds of dancing

On Saturday Jonny and I wanted to go do something different instead of just watching a movie or something like that. My roommate works at Studio 600, a dance club that is meant for LDS people so the standards are higher. So she was able to get us in for free. My friend/coworker was also in a break dance battle/competition (I don't know what they call it) a couple blocks away so we went and watched that. It was cool. The only break dancing I have seen (at least in person) was the lame stuff people would do at dances in junior high, so it was cool to see people who actually knew what they were doing. I for sure have no idea how they do it. Dancing was also fun. We were there for awhile because we had to give my roommate a ride home and she wasn't off til 1 so we also sang karaoke. It was fun but I really can't sing so it was interesting.
"Whao, oh livin on a prayer..."

And thanks to my roommate for doing my hair (and make up). I can never get it to curl! So we had a fun day and we are now glad that church starts at 1:30 se we could sleep in!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Moving Time

I am excited about and dreading next weekend. Ashley and I are finally movie out of Raintree! We have been here for three years, yes, three. I have left for the summers and she has "moved out" but only ever for a few weeks. But it is official, this time we are leaving. We are moving into Old Mill. Hopefully we will like it. I am excited to be moving to a new place. Living with only 4 girls, a private room and bathroom, queen-sized bed and an older crowd (it got old being the oldest.) The one thing I am not looking forward to is packing and the physical moving. We both have a lot of stuff and just one little car. Plus there is always the chance that we will not be able to move into our new place until the 27th and we have to move out of Raintree by the 22nd. We have had lots of good memories in good old 234 but it is time to go. The thing I think I am most sad to leave is our wall.
It went from this...

To this...
So I will miss our awesome tree wall and my green room but other than that I am ready to go! So hopefully everything will work out and we will be able to move into our new place by the 21st so we won't be homeless for 5 days!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


For my internship I had to read the book Trust or Consequences by Al Golin. It was pretty interesting but not really the subject of this post. It is more one thing he said in the book. He said someone once called him a dinosaur because he said he didn't think that online shopping would ever completely replace in store shopping. I totally agree. There are the obvious reasons (or at least what I consider obvious reasons) that online will not cut it. First online shopping does not allow you to try on the clothes you purchase which is important for fit and look. There have been times I have tried on things that look a little weird on the hanger but look good on. Second, there is an added time, cost and hassle for shipping for online purchases. But for me these are not the main reason. Online shopping cannot replace the experience of shopping in a store. I love going into a store and seeing all the new clothes. I love walking between all the racks looking through all the clothes. Finding a cute new dress or shirt, trying it on and having it fit perfectly, taking it to the register and having them hand it back to you in a bag. It's so great to leave the store with the bag that shows it belongs to you. The best are the real paper bags with the cord handles. How could online shopping ever replace Christmas shopping at the mall with all the people and the decorations? Also, without in store shopping I would never get to go to the towel room at Bed, Beth and Beyond! I don't knew who the guy was who called Golin a dinosaur but he obviously is shopping with the wrong people. Hopefully this doesn't make me seem materialistic or anything. I don't always buy things when I shop, most of the time I just like to go for the experience

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My 800 Years

Today at work we were talking about whether or not we would want to live for 800 years and if we did what we would want to do. I decided I would as long as Jonny got to live it with me! We also decided you would stay in you 20s-30s. For the purposes of my list I am also assuming the world stays similar to what it is now (unrealistic I know but it made it easier.) This is no where close to all of the things I would do or want to do but here is an idea.

Live on a desert island for a few years like Castaway or Swiss Family Robinson. Swim with dolphins in the wild. Learn to surf. Live in every state in the union. Go to culinary school and open my own restaurant. Go to fashion school and start a fashion line. Get my pilot’s license. Skydive. Learn French, Spanish, Latin, Mandarin and a few more. Live in several countries including France, Germany, Greece, England, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa. Travel to the moon and Mars. Invent something. Win an Olympic gold medal in gymnastics. Run the Boston Marathon. Own season tickets to the Red Sox. Go on several couple’s missions. Read every book on the 100 Great American Novels List. Learn to dance. Own my own working farm/ranch. Learn to sing, play piano, play guitar. Get married, have a family. Visit the wreck of the Titanic. Travel the world. Scuba dive- explore the Great Barrier Reef. Go to the World Cup, Superbowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, NBA Finals. Visit the 7 wonders of the world (all of them man-made, natural, ancient world, etc.)Visit every continent, put my feet in every ocean (yeah I know some will be miserably cold). Take part in religious rites for all religions- pilgrimage to Mecca, be at St. Peter’s Basilica for the announcing of the new pope, visit Jerusalem, there are more but I don’t know what they are. Spend a year living as a homeless person. Truly change somebody’s life completely, for the better. And a whole lot of this...
So that is my list. Like I said it is far from complete but it is a start. What would you do if you had 800 years to live?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

When in Provo...

On Saturday Jonny and I did some things that people do when they live in Provo but we haven't done yet. It actually started because we went to the Raintree pool but there wasn't a whole lot to do so we decided we should go for a hike. We decided on Bridal Veil Falls, like I said something everyone here does but we haven't done yet. We were both surprised how easy of a hike it was but it was still fun. The water was FREEZING, not that that should be a surprise. We crossed to the other side of the falls and going through that water was not pleasant. It was so pretty, I love that we have places like this here that we can just go and enjoy. Our next Provo thing was Brick Oven Pizza. I feel like everyone goes there but for some reason we never have. It was delicious! We got a garlic chicken pizza. The sauce was amazing and it had chicken and little bits of bacon, which were amazing.I wanted to keep eating but I made myself stop. This just means that there are leftovers waiting for us. We didn't try the root beer so I guess we'll have to go back again at some point. We had a fun weekend catching up on classic Provo activities that we haven't done over the past 4 years.