Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bon Jovi!

A few months ago Jonny and I bought tickets to the Bon Jovi concert (birthday presents to one another) and the day finally arrived! We went and saw him perform at Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake on Tuesday.
Getting ready to leave.
Waiting to get in.
We were far away but we had a straight on shot so it worked.
Jonny got some really good shots. He also got an awesome video of Livin' on a Prayer but it is too big to put on here.
It was an strange mix of people. There were a lot of women there who were in there mid to late 40s who were dressing like they were 19 again and were seriously rocking out. It was definitely "interesting." The concert was amazing, totally worth the wait. It lived up to my expectations. We had such a good time. I couldn't stop singing the whole way home.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jolly Birthdays

I was a little slow on updating for my birthday so I am just going to combine mine and Jonny's. I didn't take as many pictures for these as I did for Karleigh's sorry. The 8th was my birthday. I only had to work until noon (so nice) so I came home and took a nap. That night Jonny, Karleigh, Kirstin and I all went to P.F. Chang's for dinner. It was amazingly delicious as usual! When we got home I opened my wonderful presents from everyone. (Also I bought the dress I am wearing in the picture a few weeks ago for like $15 and I have been waiting to wear it so I was happy it was nice enough on my birthday.)
Then we had pazookies (spelling?) and I got candles that said "24" haha. Unfortunately, shortly after getting home I started to feel pretty sick to my stomach so I didn't actually eat any but I did blow out the candles.
I blame the upset stomach on the terrible cold I was getting over. Then we all watched the new Karate Kid movie. I liked it a lot. It was a really great birthday minus the feeling sick part.

On to Jonny's birthday on the 12th, a quarter of a century for him! We had people over to his place to watch the BYU/SDSU MWC championship game, not the outcome we were hoping for but oh well. Then we went out to dinner at Rumbi. We had fun there telling old stories and laughing a lot. Then we came back to my place for him to open his presents.
Then it was time for cake. Now I'll have to explain the story behind the cake. For years Jonny has been telling me about the amazing cake his friend Isaac's mom used to make back when he lived in Washington (so about 3rd-7th grade). It was an ice cream cake in the shape of a giant Oreo. So this year I contacted Isaac on Facebook and got the recipe and surprised Jonny with it. I told him I was making him Snickers cupcakes so I actually bought Snickers to keep up the image and then we put the candles in the Snickers bars and brought those out.
He was a little confused until I ran back in the kitchen and grabbed the real cake. He was pretty excited so that made me happy.
We ended the night with some Kinect Sports and dancing and now he is playing Call of Duty Black Ops (my present to him.) So now the March birthday craziness is done. Now it is time to look forward to the Bon Jovi concert on the 22nd! (our birthday present to each other)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Karleigh's 21st Birthday!

And so the March Birthday craziness starts. Karleigh turned 21 on Tuesday! I can't believe she is already 21. We went to dinner with Jonny and Kirstin at California Pizza Kitchen. We were totally stuffed after eating our yummy pizza and drink TONS of lemonade.
So yummy and pretty- Kiwi, Mango, Strawberry and Peach
After dinner we went back to my apartment and Karleigh opened her presents (the ones that had shown up, American Eagle is slow at shipping.)
Then we had cake. I had jokingly told Karleigh I was going to make her Kalua cupcakes but I decided I couldn't make myself spend money on alcohol so I came up with this alternative. So she still got her fancy drink when she turned 21.
Then we played our dancing and sports games on the Kinect. After letting our food and lemonade settle for a bit we had one more surprise for her....
21 shots of Dr. Pepper.
I told her I didn't think she deserved to be deprived of this tradition just because she didn't drink. I'm not sure how she did them all, especially after drinking so much lemonade, but she did. We ended the night with some Beatles' Rock Band. It was a good night. I'm so lucky to have an awesome younger sister who I get to celebrate with.