Sunday, January 31, 2010

Outdoor Skating

Jonny's parents stayed in Logan for a week after the funeral so on Friday they came down to Provo and we went back up with them for the weekend. On Saturday morning we all got to talk to Aaron and Elena on Skype. They are in South Africa for the next year and a half. So that was pretty exciting. On Saturday night we went ice skating with Jonny's parents, sisters and two of his cousins. The place we went ice skating was an outdoor rink that the city of Logan makes. It is in the park right across the street from Jonny's grandparent's house. (This is the view from Jonny's grandparents' window. The rink is down on the left.)
They spray the baseball field with water and let it freeze over to make a rink. It is so pretty because you have the Logan Temple on the hill behind it.
They used to do this every year while Jonny was growing up and he used to tell me about it. So my freshman year I was really excited to go up and skate there. But for some reason they stopped doing it, so this is the first year they have restarted it. We saw it was open as we were leaving Monday night after the funeral. We were sad that we didn't know and so we were excited that we got to go back up and skate.
The ice and the skates aren't the best but it was still lots fun. We helped teach Hannah and Emma to skate (they had only been skating once before) and just had fun skating around together.
Then it started snowing which just made it perfect. It is a pretty romantic setting. I'm glad Jonny and I finally got to go together.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Desmond Anderson

Jonny's granddad, Desmond Anderson, passed away on Tuesday January 19th. He was a great man. He spent his life in the service of others. Many of his great accomplishments took place before I had the chance to meet him. He did many great things including serving as mayor of Logan, Utah. Over the past five and a half years I have gotten to know him and I am grateful for that opportunity. I first met him in June of 2004 at Jonny's high school graduation. I have since spent many weekends at his home in Logan and time with him at family get-togethers. I have seen the love he has for his wife, his children and his grandchildren.
I saw the joy and pride in his face as he watched Jonny become an Eagle Scout. I have heard him tell his grandchildren how honored he is to be their grandfather more times than I can count. I have never lived as close to my grandparents as Jonny and I have lived to his these past few years. However, Jonny's grandparents have always made me feel like part of the family. I remember having a get together at Jonny's uncle's cabin and Granddad arrived and gave everyone a hug and came to me and gave me a hug and held me there for almost a minute. He always made me feel like I was loved and welcomed. He never hesitated to let his family know of his love for them or how proud he was of them. A family gathering was never complete without a famous speech from granddad and a prayer lasting upwards of 30 mins. Although I met him years after sickness had hindered his abilities, he never stopped helping others. I have seen him move beds and drag large tree branches out to the street. Less than a year ago he told us about the house he wanted to build. He will be greatly missed. He has left behind an amazing legacy that is his family of which he was immensely proud. He was truly a great man. Granddad we miss you and love you.
I haven't posted in awhile. Mostly it is because not much has happened. I finally went to a BYU basketball game. When Jonny and I walked in BYU was losing 15-16, five mins later I think we had scored about 20 points to their 9. We're good luck. BYU ended up winning 91-47 (or close to that.) And we did double their score at one point. It was fun, even though I don't really enjoy basketball, I'm a football girl. I also subbed two days this week with Ashley. It was fun to go back to the same class and know who the kids were and have them know who I am. Some kids are so cute and listen well, while talking to others feels like banging my head against a brick wall. It's been fun being able to talk to Ashley about all these kids she tells me about. We did an art project last week and one this week. It is funny to watch the kids trying to figure it out and see how different each one turns out. They were cutting out paper to make a horse today, we go through it step by step showing them what to do, but still people don't pay attention and they still don't quite get it. My favorite ones looked more like a cow and a dragon than a horse. At the end of the day I was waiting for parents to come pick up the kids and I was telling one girl to get off the fence, when I feel something (or someone) slam against me. I look down and one of the little girls is giving me a hug and she looks up and says, "I love you." It kind of made it all worth it (even though she is one who is kind of a handful.) Ashley, I can totally see how your job is worth it, just for little things like that. It was also slightly awkward because we aren't allowed to touch them so I had to just stand there and say thank you. The kids also compliment you a lot. Multiple kids told me they liked my hair. It helps boost the self esteem, hahaha. That and the job search are pretty much what I have been doing. I'm also taking a few online classes for Los Rios Schools (the school system my dad teaches for) to gain some useful skills and for insurance. So that will be "fun," I'm just hoping I don't have to write too many papers.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


"TEACHER!" I heard that a lot today. Whether it is was directed at me or Ashley it was said a lot. My roommate Ashley is an aide in a kindergarden class and the teacher was gone today so I got to sub. It was fun subbing with Ashley and meeting all the kids she tells me about. There were some very difficult ones and some that were so cute. One little boy burst into tears and kept crying for a good 15 mins because he thought his cape for Little Red Riding Hood was too short. I was surprised he would cry that hard at school. I guess I'm just not used to being around little kids! I'll get more practice because I am subbing with Ashley two days next week!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Office

I have recently been reminded why I love The Office so much. Jonny and I have been trying to catch up on season 5 but they are no longer online. We were at Costco the other day and they had season 5 for only $20 which is half of what it normally is (we saw it for $40 at Walmart.)
It didn't take long to catch up on season 5, we had only missed like 5 episodes. Then we had to find all the season 6 episodes. The show really is amazing. Michael Scott is a great character.
He has the ability to drive you absolutely crazy but at the same time you can't help but love him and want him to be happy. In the episodes I have watched recently I really like Andy.
He is really funny (super weird, but funny) and a nice guy. And of course Jim is great, Pam has been bugging me a little. I loved the wedding one. I like when things are happy and that episode was. Jim was awesome. So that is my little bit about The Office. I'm excited for the new episodes to start!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 in Pictures

Some of my friends have done this and I like the idea. A warning this is a long post but it is mostly pictures. Here is my 2009 in pictures.
Two roommates got married.
Saw lots of famous people at the Sundance Film Festival.
Went to San Diego over Valentine's Day weekend to visit Joan before she passed away.
Finally did the Polar Swim after 3 years of living at Raintree and not doing it.
Celebrated Karleigh's first birthday away from home
Then my birthday
Then Jonny's
Then my friend Katie's
Went to Festival of Colors.
I went to San Diego for Aunt Joan's funeral, I'll miss her, her house and this view.
I graduated! (well I walked, technically I graduated in August)
Pretty uneventful. My first year I did not go home over the summer.
Drove to CA with Jonny for his sister's graduation.
Spent lots of time by the pool with Ashley (and Jonny when he finished Spring term) getting tan.
4th of July with my roommates and Jonny.
Car Trouble.
Moved into my new place.
Welcomed the BYU football team home after their win against Oklahoma!
Went to General Conference.
Aaron and Elena got married in Logan with a reception in Vegas.
More car trouble.
Fun Halloween. First Attempt at cake pops.
Thanksgiving at home. Getting the Christmas tree.
BYU victory over Utah.
More cake pops. (Weird to put I know but I'm proud.)
Ashley's birthday.
Temple lights.
Christmas with Mom, Dad and Karleigh.
Late Christmas Eve with Jonny's family.
New Year's Eve with Karleigh, Steven, Jonny and his family.
There is my 2009. Hope every one had a great year. Happy New Year! Hope 2010 is wonderful!