Monday, September 29, 2008


I hate being sick. I know everyone does but yeah it totally sucks. I got a sore throat on Sunday and then it just got worse. I made it most of the way through my first class before I had to get up and leave because I was so miserable, and then I went to the second half of my evening class. I don't know what is wrong with me, I think it is just a really bad cold, it is mostly just a sore throat and then as the day goes on the other symptoms change. I decided the worst part about it was not having Jonny, my mom or Taryn here to make me feel better. I do have Karleigh, but going to the dorms doesn't help, you want to get out of the dorm. Hopefully tonight I'll actually get to sleep, I medicine and cough drops. Mostly I just hope I feel better for the weekend.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekend Fun!

Ah, finally the weekend! I took a test on Friday and got that out of the way 97% go me! Too bad Karleigh got a 100% on her test a few hours before makes me look bad! No, I was so proud of her. It was totally thanks to me though, I made her come watch The Office with me the night before, and then Friday night I made her come out with me again and she got another A on the test she took Sat. morning.
Friday we went to an intramural football game and then went to SEGO Festival, it was a music festival it was ok. But the most exciting thing happened before we even left. We went out to the car and it was kinda cold so Ashley decided she wanted to run up and change so we were going up the stairs and she totally tripped (which ironically she loves to laugh at people for doing) and hit her foot really hard. We walk in and she is like oh I'm bleeding, well it turns out she is like gushing blood, it was all over her shoe, on the floor and the tub was like red with blood, it was really gross! So yeah at least we got it taken care of! She is recovering nicely! Tonight we went bowling and now we are headed up the canyon for a bonfire! Hopefully hanging out with me this weekend will carry over to Karleigh's tests on Monday!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Beautiful Day

Ok, The Office starts in like 2 hours and I can't wait I'm so excited, and to make things even better tomorrow it Friday! YAY! I love the weekend...too bad I have kind of a lot of homework to do.

Yesterday did not start out as a good day, I woke up and I was so achy and miserable so I missed my first class. Then when I got out of bed I still felt kinda gross but then I had to go to English class, which goes from 3-4 which is a really annoying time. In class we talked about the Stanford Prison Experiment, for those of you who know what that is you probably know it is not the most uplifting of topics. It is interesting but still, people doing an experiment and having the worst possible version of themselves come out, to the point where they are physically, emotionally and psychologically abusing's sad. So, I start walking home still not in a great mood and I was listening to my iPod. On the way to my apartment there is a big grass field that I cross, when I got there I decided to take off my shoes (I decided for someone who loves shoes as much as I do I really love being bare foot.) So here I am walking across the field wit my shoes off and the song Beautiful Day by U2 comes on and I realize that it really is a beautiful day the temperature was perfect and it was just gorgeous outside and then all of the sudden I was like in the best mood! So if you're ever in a bad mood I totally recommend going and standing in the middle of a field with you shoes off and listening to Beautiful Day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ah, Tuesday...

I'm sad that it is only Tuesday but I still think that this week is going by faster than last week, even though it is only the second day! I have to say that I am super excited for Thursday night...THE OFFICE, I can't wait to find out what will happen between Jim and Pam and who knows what Michael will do, I can only hope that this season opener is as awesome as last years, when Michael hits Meredith with his car! To make Tuesday a little better Ashley and I made cheese stuffed shells and watched Hot Rod, very random if you like stupid movies you'll love it!
Yesterday I was reminded why I do not study on campus...People are WAY to fun to watch. I was sitting outside (probably a mistake) and I just got distracted watching all the people walk by, it was immensely more amusing than whatever text book I was reading. There was one girl who just stood up and started dancing there was no music she was just dancing! but good for her I guess, enjoying life.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Alpine Loop

Today I went and drove Alpine Loop with a group of people, for those who don't know Provo Alpine Loop goes up through the mountains and there are a bunch of trees and it is really pretty as the colors start to change for fall. There were a few trees that had started changing but most of them were still green but it was still gorgeous. It was also like the perfect day, blue sky a nice breeze perfect temperature all that was missing was Jonny! I pretty much can't wait for him to come here I can't wait to see him again. Well it is the start of yet another week, hopefully this one goes by faster than last week.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Game Day!

I didn't get my all sports pass this year so I wasn't sure if I would get to go to any games this year but my sister and her roommate are such good students and they figured they needed to do some studying today so they gave me and Ashley the tickets. Thanks again Karleigh and Lexi. Ashley and I decided to get way pumped for the game we put blue in our hair got stickers for our cheeks it was fun. It was way hotter than should be allowed, especially since there were clouds all around the sun just none that would cover it! We again had reason to be proud of our Cougars, who won 59-0 last week against UCLA! This week they did not dissappoint 44-0, as Jonny pointed out we are 103-0 over the past two weeks, GO COUGARS! The one downside was that I got a migraine half way though and had to leave at the beginning of the fourth quater, sad but what can you do?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

More summer

Two posts in one day crazy I know but once I do this one then I think that I can actually start blogging about what is happening to me now. So this summer I went back east for the first time ever, I went to D.C. Baltimore and Kentucky (which isn't really back east.) It was awesome and I loved it. I went with my parents and Karleigh and then when we went to Kentucky we were visiting Taryn and Grant. We got really lucky because it wasn't crazy humid, it was hot though. We got to go around and see all the monuments and memorials and stuff like that we also went into the Air and Space Museum and the Museum od Natural Hisotry which I thought was awesome. In Baltimore we went to a really cool aquarium and went boat ride on the harbor. A guy I worked with said he could get us free tickets to an Orioles game but sadly they weren't in town. Finally we went to visit Taryn and Grant in Lexington, they have an amazing house that the totally redid and it is awesome! We got to go see Churchill Downs home of the Kentucky Derby and went to the Louisville Slugger Factory. It was awesome. We did quite a bit of Olympics watching while we were there we saw Phelps win the mens free relay and were very excited. It was an awesome trip and I added five more states to my count!

My wall

Last week I was sitting on my couch looking at the wall and how boring and white it was and said that I thought it would cool if we painted a tree on it. Then my amazingly artistic roommate Ashley decided to draw up a sketch of what a tree on the wall would look like, next thing we know we are al Wal-Mart buying paint to paint our wall. So now we have a beautiful blue wall with an amazing tree on it. We painted the wall blue one night and then Ashley used her skills to chalk on the tree the next day and then we painted it. We all love it, it is one of those things in life that just makes you happy for no real reason.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Playing Catch Up

So since I just started the blog I figured I'd catch up on the interesting stuff that happened to me over the summer and stuff. To start right before we went home to California for the summer Jonny and I found two newborn kittens, they were abandoned on campus so we rescued them and brought them home. Boston is the boy, the dark one, and Tokyo is the girl, the light one. Since they were so little we had to feed them with bottles for the first month and take them everywhere. Now they are living with my parents and I miss them a ton. They are really healthy and happy so that is good. Boston is definitely the big brother but Tokyo can hold her own. They are both little trouble makers but I love them. These are pictures from when we first found them and now.

First blog

So I decided that everyone else I know has embraced the world of blogging so why not? I'm sorry Jonny, I know you wanted to make me one, so when you get your computer all set up I'll be happy to switch. Well, I'm hoping that I can actually keep up on this and be good, I will use Taryn as my inspiration. For now I guess a quick whats up with me would be good. I'm currently in my senior year at BYU and I'm studying public relations. I miss having Taryn out here in Utah with me but I'm very excited to have Karleigh out here for her freshman year. I of course miss my parents and Lassen and the two newest members of the family, Boston and Tokyo, my baby kittens. I have the greatest boyfriend in the world, Jonny. I love life and I'm trying to enjoy my last year as a college student before I have to go out into the great big world to get a job.