Saturday, June 19, 2010

Touring San Diego

My dad was doing an academic conference in San Diego this week so we got to stay in a nice hotel. We stayed in a Hilton right on Mission Bay. It was fun to kind of be tourists around San Diego. I figure the best way to do this post is mostly in pictures. So here goes.
We went to look at the San Diego Temple. They are re-stuccoing it so it is covered in scaffolding.
The hotel room.
Our pod chairs.
The pool.
The view from the pool.
We did some shopping and the girls went and got pedicures.
We went to Little Italy for dinner.
Then we went to the most amazing dessert place, Extraordinary Desserts. These pictures do not do it justice, they are beautiful. To make it ever better they taste amazing!
The we did some hot tub time.
In n Out.
More beach time.
Boogie boarding.
Cute toes at the beach.
Then family came and we had dinner and hung out around the fire pit at the pool.
We celebrated Father's Day a few days early.
Our cute matching San Diego tourist dresses.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SeaWorld and Beach

On Tuesday we went to SeaWorld. It was nice we went in a little later in the day and just had a "relaxing" day there. We didn't worry about getting everything done, we just went and did the things we wanted to do and didn't do the things we didn't as much care about. We did the Wild Arctic ride and Atlantis to start the day. We went through the penguin exhibit.
We saw the sharks. We went and saw the Shamu show. And the new dolphin show. It was pretty cool there was a lot going on. My one complaint was the dolphins weren't out long enough. One thing I had never done before was they have a place where the dolphins are out and playing with balls and you can pet them and play with them. It was so cool. We were looking at them for awhile then the trainers said it was time for the dolphins to get ready for their show so we walked away. As we do a dolphin comes up and starts throwing a ball to the girl who took our spot. We were kind of mad. We ended the day on the rafting ride. We always end on this ride so after we get soaked we can go home. Here are the before pictures.
My parents got totally soaked the first time on. Karleigh and I both got pretty wet. Kars and I went again the second time we got drenched. I only got after pictures of Karleigh and me. We were cold.
On Wednesday we went to the beach again. Taryn was supposed to get here in the morning but didn't get on a flight so it was Wednesday night instead. Luckily it was sunny this time. It was a really good beach day. We enjoyed being out laying on the beach and Karleigh and I enjoyed boogie boarding. There were some good size waves that were less brutal this time.
Shopping and more beach tomorrow!

Monday, June 14, 2010

San Diego

I figure if I write about my trip as I go it will save everyone from one LONG post later.
I got into San Diego on Saturday night. I flew from Salt Lake to Denver, then to San Diego. It was pretty much cloudy the whole time. But the sunset was amazing. It came from under the clouds and it looked like the sky was on fire.
On Sunday we went out and visited Don and Cara. We went out to lunch and just hung out and talked.
Me and my cousin Jonathan.
On Monday we went to the beach. Unfortunately it was cloudy. Karleigh and I decided we would brave the cold water and boogie board.
The water wasn't too bad once you got in. The waves were brutal though.
Karleigh and I could not get out to the waves because the ones that were breaking in front of us were too strong. Every time one came we would be pushed back 4 or 5 feet. One knocked me off my feet grabbed my board and dragged me underwater for about 6 feet. When I finally was able to get out far enough to catch a wave it flipped me off my board and dragged me underwater again. I have never been so worn out by boogie boarding in my life. It was still fun though. We stayed for awhile and then went to visit Grandpa. We took him to In n Out and just visited with him for awhile. I love my grandpa. Off to SeaWorld tomorrow.

Friday, June 11, 2010

CA Wedding

Exhaustion and lack of internet access are the reasons I have taken so long to write this post. Last weekend, Cale, one of mine and Jonny's best friends from high school, got married. We figured he is one of our best friends so we had to go to the wedding. I had to work until 6 on Friday so we left when I got off. We ended up getting out around 8 Utah time, which put us into Davis at about 6 California time. We were pretty exhausted. It was a fun trip though. We went to the wedding reception on Saturday afternoon. It was great to see Cale and how happy he was with Jaclyn.
After the reception my family went over to Jonny's family's for dinner. Our parents decided that if my parents wanted to see Jonny and his wanted to see me we should all get together. It was so nice to spend time with everyone. On Sunday Jonny and I headed back to Utah. We left around noon and got in around 2. We didn't make the best time because we had bikes on the car and the wind would catch them and slow us way down. It was irritating. As exhausting as the drive was it was fun. I always enjoy driving with Jonny. We saw these clouds driving though Nevada and I thought they were awesome.
Also, on the way to California we had a "fun" experience. We were about 40 miles outside of Wendover and I was passing a truck (a large pickup, not a semi) and it almost hit me. Luckily I made it by okay. We kept watching it and it was swerving everywhere. It was halfway into one lane and then off into the shoulder. Jonny called the highway patrol because we figured it had to be a drunk driver. They asked us to pace it and pull over when the cops pulled the truck over. It took awhile for the cops to get there but they did and pulled the truck over. We pulled over. The officer came over and said when he pulled her over he thought she was DUI but it turns out she was having car problems. So that was our exciting start to the trip.