Thursday, November 3, 2011

Punny Halloween

Jonny came up with his Halloween costume idea for this year on Halloween last year. Then a few months later I randomly came up with mine. Then after many hours of work, countless conversations on how to actually make them work and 6 cans of spray paint (which is a lot of fumes.) We had our costumes.
"Hooked on Phonics" and "Stuck on Band-Aid Brand"
Jonny's was actually a huge box attached to a backpack and then put through a shirt.
Mine was the thing you use for dryers that was then stuck on and L-brace (the things used to put up shelves) which was duct taped to my stomach. Which meant it was not only the most awkward costume I have ever had but it was also the most painful. My skin is still recovering. But it was worth it (as long as I don't have to do it again.)
We had a fun night with Jonny's cousins on Saturday night.On actual Halloween we were pretty lame and did nothing. But those are our costumes. We're pretty proud of them.