Thursday, July 28, 2011

Katy Perry

On Monday Jonny and I went to the Katy Perry concert. I randomly decided to buy tickets one night after watching several of her music videos. Also, I decided since craziness at work makes it so I can't really take a vacation this summer I would do some fun stuff in Utah, like this concert. It was so much fun! We had a great time it was quite a show. It was such a different atmosphere than any other concert I have been to. So here are some pictures.
She had so many different outfits!
These lights were awesome.
The screen the birds are on is her dress.
She went out over the audience on a cotton candy cloud.
Her Hershey Kiss outfit for California Girls.
Whipped cream gun.
And a video of our cotton candy. Yes, I had to take a video of cotton candy.
So many people had these light sticks it was cool to have the whole place lighting up. Definitely worth it. I love her songs they are so fun and she was great live.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spanish Fork Rodeo

This weekend Jonny and I went to the Spanish Fork Rodeo. I had never been to a rodeo and my friend had told me this one was awesome so we decided to check it out. It did not disappoint. Jonny had been in California for two weeks so I picked him up from the airport in the afternoon and then in the evening we headed down to Spanish Fork. Before the rodeo started we checked out the vendor booths and the car show and then headed over to the arena for the show. (You can't tell from the picture but I also wore cowboy boots. Yes Karleigh, they were your boots and that is your hat and your shirt.)
It was so cool. I honestly don't know how these guys stay on the bucking broncos and the bulls. All I know is it does not look comfortable. There was only one guy who really got thrown up in the air and made you cringe as he hit the ground but he seemed fine.
One of my favorites was the Mutton Busters: little kids riding on sheep. It was so funny all these kids probably 8 and under holding onto the sheep as they go running around. One kid rode it backwards and was just hanging on with all his might. Unfortunately I missed getting video on the best Mutton Busters. I did get some good steer roping video thought. I have no idea how the guys rope steer so quickly, the are out of the chute and done in about seven seconds, it is crazy. I was also amazed by the trick riders. I got video of this too but I think it is too big for blogger. It was pretty crazy though. Still the highlight had to be the bull riding, those guys are crazy. It was totally worth it and lived up to my rodeo expectations.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter

I was pretty bummed because Jonny was going to in California for the premiere of Harry Potter and he and his family were going at midnight. Then on Monday Ashley and I decided that we should go. So after about 30 mins of searching for tickets we found some, 3D and reserved seats. I took Jonny to the airport and on the way home went to WalMart and decided Ashley and I should go all out and make t-shirts. So we did. We spent the next couple of nights making our shirts and getting excited.
Then on Thursday we tried, unsuccessfully, to take naps to prepare for the late night. Then we turned to caffeine.
So here are some pictures of the shirts and us at the movie rocking our Harry Potter style 3D glasses. (We went picture crazy)
Also since I didn't post any pictures or anything about the 4th of July I'll give a quick run down. We went to the Freedom Festival in Provo and looked around at the booths. We were going to BBQ but the weather turned raining so we changed our plans. For our fireworks show we went up the mountain and watched the all the aerial fireworks people set off.
It was cool to see them everywhere! Then we came home and set off our own, a lot of our own. We got some that were pretty awesome especially since they were only $2.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Jonny's sister Hannah came out to Utah for a few weeks and is staying with their Grandma in Logan. Jonny and I went up last weekend and this weekend to spend some time with her. Last weekend we headed up Saturday morning. When we got there we went to the farmer's market in the park across the street.
Then we headed to the swimming pool for some time in the sun. It was a really nice new pool and they had a few big water slides and two big pools.
We had fun hanging out there for a few hours and definitely got worn out. Then we went out to dinner at Olive Garden with their Grandma and cousin Bryan. The we headed over to Island Market to get some penny candies and then ended the night with Aggie ice cream where we were eaten alive by mosquitoes. Jonny and I headed back to Provo that night exhausted but we had a great time.
This weekend we headed up Friday night and stayed the night. When we got there we set off some fireworks then headed to bed. On Saturday we took Hannah to Transformers 3 which was really good. Then we went ice blocking with Jonny's cousin Sara and her kids (who are so adorable and fun.) That evening that a the Cruise In which is a parade of cool old cars and some nice new ones.
It was pretty fun to see all of them but it was REALLY hot. (Sorry I didn't have any picture os people this weekend.) Originally the plan was to head back to Provo in time to see the Stadium of Fire fireworks but we decided to stay and chat with people a little bit longer. We ended the night by lighting off a few more fireworks with Sara's kids and then heading back to Provo. It was a good (and tiring) couple of weekends, we had fun hanging out with Hannah and some of Jonny's extended family.