Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Festivities!

I love Christmas and really the whole Christmas season. I had fun decorating my apartment with my roommates and we all had fun at our ward Christmas party, we pretty much had an awesome table and just had fun. Jonny, Ashley and I went to Temple Square to enjoy the lights, it was Ashley's first trip. It was beautiful and we enjoyed it, despite the freezing cold.
The Roommates at the Christmas party.
Jonny and me at the party.
Then of course I returned to California and went to San Diego for Christmas. We went down on the 20th and just got back on the 27th. Taryn and Grant came down too, so we were happy to have them. We went to the beach one day and Taryn and I braved the cold air and water and went in, fun but freezing. Karleigh and I hung out with our cousins Breanne and Brittany, we went to a movie and a big Christmas celebration at this guys house, with lots of decorations, it was pretty impressive, then we went to our cousin Trevor's house and watched a movie. We of course had our Christmas Eve dinner at my aunt and uncle's. I always love it, all of my dad's side of the family gets together, we have dinner, sing songs, play bells (they are like pipes that when hit play different notes), and open presents, this year we were treated to a performance by my cousins son, it was adorable.

The Rose girl cousins on Christmas Eve.

Trevor and me on Christmas Eve.
Then on Christmas morning my family opened presents from each other then in the evening my mom's family came over to celebrate. It was lots of fun and I always love seeing family and catching up. I'm always sad when Christmas is over, I love the excitement and

feeling that goes along with the whole season but I am excited for the new year, I hope it holds
new and exciting things for everyone!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm done!

In some ways this semester went so fast but at the same time the beginning of the school year seems so long ago! Either way I can't believe the semester is over and the Christmas is less than a week away. I haven't posted in awhile, I had too much to do at the end of the semester, I don't think I have gone to bed before 2 for over two weeks, but that is done now, I can sleep again, I'm so excited! I also get to go home tomorrow, and then I head down to San Diego on Saturday and Taryn and Grant get to come! I'm pretty excited for all of it and then I have my last semester of college, now that is hard to believe it doesn't feel like four years have gone by! I went sledding last night with Jonny, some of my roommates, Karleigh and Lexi, it was fun, I have a fear of sledding but I did it anyway. Also an interesting note, since the last time I posted Jonny has caught more kittens to take to get fixed and then to a place to be adopted so there are currently 8 cats in the house (that includes the 3 that are his.) All of the strays are named after Disney characters we have Meeko, Thumper, Bagheera, Nala and Hades (who is the really mean dad cat, I call him cow Hades because he looks a lot like a cow) There is one more kitten to catch and its name will be Koda (from Brother Bear). So yeah that is a run down of the cats most of them are really sweet Bagheera is kinda mean and obviously so is Hades. Now I'm going to start catching up on some sleep and the California here I come!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Weird Things tag

Five weird or unknown things about me...
1) I get Botox and I have had plastic surgery, The Botox is for migraines (who knew it could help?) and the plastic surgery was to get a birthmark removed from my forehead
2) My fingers bend back really far, I'm not double jointed, they just bend far
3) I'm slightly dyslexic, I have an extremely hard time telling my left from my right, to the point that it is embarrassing and inconvenient, I have a hard time writing lowercase b's and d's the right way, and I switch numbers around like if the number is 249 I'll say 429. Also, I didn't crawl as a child which is an early sign of it.
4) I went into my freshman year of college knowing what I wanted to major in and I have kept my major. I know it isn't that weird but most people don't know or change majors.
5) I have only kissed one boy in my life and I intend to keep it that way.
I tag Taryn, Karleigh and Ashley

Sunday, November 30, 2008


This week was awesome because I finally got to go home for Thanksgiving YAY! It was really nice Karleigh and I flew home Tuesday night and then flew back to Provo Sunday afternoon. Luckily, there was absolutely no lines at the airport it was crazy! I really loved being home and spending time with my family. My babies Boston and Tokyo have gotten HUGE (especially Boston, he's a tank.) It makes the kitties we have out here seem even smaller. So, for our Thanksgiving movie this year we went and saw Twilight, I actually liked it a lot, I was very pleasantly surprised. I actually saw it twice, not because it was so amazing but because I wanted to see it with Jonny too! Dinner was of course amazing and there was tons of wonderful food. Then on Friday we went and got our tree. Jonny and Steven came so that they could join in the Apple Hill experience. We missed Taryn and Grant but we get to see them for Christmas, so that is good. We found a beautiful and big tree. We had to top it in order for it to fit in the house. Putting it up was an adventure, we got it all up and let the branches down but then it started tipping backward so we had to fix it, with all the decorations already on it! It took six of us to finally get it finished. So pretty much it was a great trip and I'm excited to go home again in less than 3 weeks!
Jonny and me looking for a tree.

The family with our tree.

Jonny being a tree.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So, I was super excited for the BYU/Utah football game only to be sorely disappointed. It started out with Utah scoring, worried me but then Collie had a 70 yard kick off return and I was so excited. 5 interceptions and a fumble later I was not so happy. We ended up losing 48-24, embarrassing and really hard to watch. It was just not Hall's day, but I still believe in him he did great this year except for in the Utah game, and there's always next year. Maybe Utah will go to a BCS bowl and win and so we can have a better ranking next year. We still had fun at our football party at Jonny's, ate lots of food, had cool stadium seating, done by Jonny and so that was fun. Now I just get to look forward to going home tomorrow! Here are a few pics from the party!
Karleigh and Lexi before the game on their cute laptops!
Me, Katie and Hailey still trying to smile even though we're losing. (I did this picture bigger in hopes that you could see my new haircut but it is still hard to see. Yes I changed it again.)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Almost there...

This last week has been extremely crazy, I'm so happy that it is over. I spent last weekend in Logan for Jonny's grandma's funeral, so time was spent with his family and not much work got done. I was also recovering from a stomach flu I had had since Wednesday. So here is a run done of what I had to do last week: I had to take an accounting test by Tuesday, write a book review on a book that was 350 pages (I was only on page 50), meet with a counselor to make sure I could graduate, apply for graduation, do a research presentation, help Karleigh register for classes, do research for a presentation I have to give on Monday and then do all of my normal class readings and home work. Some how I made it through all of this work and I actually got to relax some this weekend. I still had to do some work but I had the weight of having to do SO much gone, it was nice. I saw Quantum of Solace on Saturday night, it was excellent, I think I still like Casino Royale more but I don't know, this new one was confusing, I'll have to see it again. My "almost there" title refers to a few things first the BYU/Utah football game, I can't wait and I totally have faith in my cougars they can do it again (remember 2 years ago or last year?)! second going home! I can't wait I haven't been home for Thanksgiving since my freshman year which means I can go get our Christmas tree! and of course just Thanksgiving in general, I love it but it always gets looked over because people want to celebrate Christmas right after Halloween! Third I'm almost done with college...I have one semester left after this one then a summer internship and I will have my college diploma! I can't believe it, part of me will miss it but mostly I'm ready to be done. Time really goes by so fast.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Changing Creature

My senior year of high school I cut my hair short and ever since then I cannot stop changin it whether it be the color or the length. Taryn has been bugging me to get up a picture of my new brown hair so I thought this would be a good opportunity to show all that my hair has been through since I graduated high school. I'm going to skip over freshman year because there were no really exciting changes there, I went a little bit darker but not too noticable. Playing with my hair is also a lot easier since I have a hair school right be where I live that is really cheap. So here goes. Sophomore year I decided to go really dark. I am also growing my hair out. Sorry it's kind of hard to see I'm next to my grandpa on the left when looking at the picture. A few months after I went dark I also got bangs, which I liked in real life but not in picutes. Its up here but this gives you an idea of the bangs. Then I slowly went back to blonde for the summer, I missed it what can I say. Then during my junior year my hair was really long and I had it dark underneath and blonde on top, which I used to not like but it was actually one of my favorite ways to have it. The over the summer, after 2 years of growing it out I chopped it off! I love it short but I also miss having it long, especailly because I can't really curl it now. And then a week ago or so I dyed it a lighter brown, it is a little more red than I wanted but I like it, and this picture makes it look even more red. So there you have it, my hair has been through a lot, and who knows in a few months it'll probably change again!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Happenings

Halloween has come and gone, it's always amazing how that happens. Originally I thought this year was going to be kind of boring, I didn't have any plans and I didn't have a costume idea. In fact, I flirted with the idea of not dressing up at all, terrible I know. But at the last minute everything came together, I decided to be a ballet dancer warming up before a show. So all the make up and everything but not in the full costume. Jonny was my handsome pilot. We decided to have a Halloween party at his house so we threw it together at the last minute and it turned out pretty well. We had the chocolate fountain going, music and, of course, scary movies! We watched I Am Legend, not super scary but jumpy, and What Lies Beneath, that one is scary! We went to WalMart before to get everything that we needed for the party food and all that and we got a hay bale and corn stocks for $2 each, so that helped with decorations, and Jonny did an excellent job. We also got lots of candy for trick-or-treaters we were really excited but not many people came it kinda sucked but oh well. One of the best parts though was the little outfits we got for Roxy, Trixie and Houdini. We found little Halloween preemie onesies and they fit pretty well it was SO cute! and they didn't seem to mind too much, the cats looked funny when we first put the costumes on, they kinda waddled around and took really high steps. We also carved pumkins a few nights before Halloween, they were huge, Jonny's was 26 lbs. We just did faces Jonny's is goofy scary and mine is supposed to be a WAY simplified version of Jekyll and Hyde. Well that was pretty much my Halloween, now I just have to recover!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thank you Taryn!

I pretty much have an awesome older sister. Today Karleigh and I got a package from her with pictures from when we visited her this summer and UK hats, mine is blue Karleigh's is pink, so we can support the Wildcats here in Provo. So thank you Taryn, I always love getting mail, even just letters, so a package is extra amazing! So yeah the package was pretty much the highlight of my week so far. The rest of the week has pretty much been realizing that I have a ton of stuff due this week and tests to take and not having a start on it at all. Like when at 1 a.m. getting an email from a guy asking for notes so he could do our exam due Tuesday, I totally forgot, I was think it was due Thursday and so I had to do it all Monday night but it worked out. I think after this week things will calm down. So I'm pretty excited for Halloween even though I'm not totally sure what I'm doing, possibly a party at Jonny's, but I don't know. I haven't even carved a pumpkin! I also don't know what to be...I can't top last years, Pam Beasley with Jonny as Michael Scott. But that idea came to me at the last minute so maybe I'll get another good idea who knows! Well happy Halloween everyone! Thank you again Taryn, the pictures will go up soon!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cheetahs and Falcons are Stupid

I will have to give a little preface to this post. I love fruit snacks and for some reason I really love the cheap store brand ones here, the dinosaur ones to be exact. And my favorite dinosaur is a triceratops. Ok so now that you know that I can begin my story.
Jonny and I were at church today and I had my dinosaur fruit snacks in my purse so i took them out and was sharing them with him. First he thought that my favorite was a stegosaurus, then he remembered that is Taryn's favorite. Then when he remembered what mine was he had the nerve to say that triceratops were stupid and that he hated them! That then led to a discussion of The Land Before Time (the original none of this Land Before Time 8 the musical crap). For those of you who don't know the movie well it is about young dinosaurs and I am sad to say that the triceratops in it, Cera, is a brat. So he used that as a reason that all triceratops sucked. I was very mad so I told him that cheetahs and falcons were stupid (those are his favorite animals) mature response I know. So yeah this was just a funny story in the day in the life of Jonny and Holly, my roommate Ashley P. got a kick out of our little argument, so hopefully you do too. And as an end when Jonny saw that I was actually telling this story he told me not to because he actually thinks triceratops are kind of cool. And I don't really think that cheetahs or falcons suck. So moral of the story, don't judge dinosaurs by their Land Before Time characters and triceratops and fruit snacks rock!

The Acedemy Is...Amazing!

Today was an awesome day. Over month ago Ashley convinced me to buy tickets to The Academy Is concert and we have been looking forward to it and it was tonight. But before the concert Jonny and I got to go to the BYU football game, sadly it was because Karleigh is getting a cold and didn't feel up to going, so thanks for the tickets Kars and feel better! We won YAY go cougars! but we should have won by more but that's ok. The people sitting behind as were EXTREMELY annoying and rude, even when someone on OUR team was seriously injured, they were being jerks but whatever. Then we went to Salt Lake to the Gateway for a bit then to the concert which was totally awesome I loved it. We The Kings and The Academy Is... were co-headlining and they were both amazing and then Hey Monday and Carolina Liars opened for them, they were also really good. Jonny and I totally jumped in and pushed our way to the front and we were jumping and going crazy, his watch got ripped off and so we had to try to find it with tons of people smashed together jumping on us, one guy helped, so thanks to him that was really nice, we did eventually find it I have no idea how. I am also very proud of battle wound, a bruised and swollen ankle! Yeah, so my ears are still ringing and everything sounds muffled but that's ok I had a great time. But now my body is sore and I'm exhausted. I put a few pics up here and I'll put more on facebook so you can check that out!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So Tired

So it is like 2 in the morning and I am way tired but I cannot fall asleep, which is really annoying since I haven't gotten to bed at a good time all week and all last weekend, and because I am so tired my eye twitches and it has been doing it since Sunday. I did have an awesome weekend though, Friday was our apartment girls night. It was tons of fun: girl bonding, movies, nail painting, sorry boys no pillow fights, but we did make some pretty awesome dance videos. It was cool to get to hang out with everyone since no one is ever around at the same time. So needless to say I got almost no sleep that night. Then on Sat. Jonny and I went to Logan to visit his grandparents. His Grandma Harris is really sick so we wanted to get out to see her, we also saw his Anderson grandparents and some cousins, it was a good trip but we got back late so again not much sleep. The because I had procrastinated, I had to write a speech for my PR class on Sunday and it took a long time to get enough content and then edit it and all that, so that was another 2a.m. night. But I'm going to look on the bright side in that it is already Wed. and so I am almost to the weekend. YAY! and our The Academy Is... concert is this weekend I'm very excited! So yeah, there is a quick rundown of my weekend and why I am so tired!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


A- Attached or single: Attached...a boyfriend of 4.5 years.
B- Best Friend: I'll have to go with Jonny.
C-Cake or Pie: Cake, but recently I have really wanted pumpkin pie.
D-Day: Friday! Especially one like tomorrow where I don't have class!
E- Essential Item: My cell phone
F- Favorite Color: oh I don't know right now green I think
G-Gummi Bears or Worms: I'll go with bears because I love Haribo Gummy Bears
H-Home town: Davis, California!!!
I- Indulgences: ice cream, clothes, shoes
J- January or July?: probably July because by January in Utah I'm sick of the cold
K-Kids: No, but I do want them in the future
L-Life is incomplete without: family, Jonny, friends
M- Marriage Date: Don't have one yet, anniversary of dating is April 14
N- Number of Siblings: Three. Two sisters I'm in the middle
O- Oranges or Apples: It depends on my mood but probably apples and I agree with Taryn and I guess Jenny NOT red delicious
P- Phobias or Fears: Losing the people I care about and running over a cat
Q- Quote: I have so many but for right now I'll go with..."If you're a bird I'm a bird." Not as profound as Taryn's but I like it. It is from the Notebook Noah says it to Allie, I think its sweet.
R- Reason To Smile: I have a really cool tree on my wall
S- Season: I used to say winter, when I didn't live where it was freezing all the time but now I'll say Fall because I love sweaters and all that but it isn't too cold
T- Tag: Jess, Karleigh, Janet, Ashley...people who are bored and want something to do.
U- Unknown fact about me: I know way too much about sports.
V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: I like meat.
W- Worst Habit: I don't know, but I do start talking about something and assume people know what I'm talking about so I'll say something like "She said..." and no one knows who "she" is
X-Rays or Ultrasounds: I don't know I've never had an injury where I would need one.
Y-Your favorite food: so hard to choose! I love In N Out but I don't know that it is my favorite food
Z: Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Trixie, Roxy and Houdini

It took less than a week of Jonny being out in Utah before he realized their were kittens living in his backyard and in the empty lot behind it. He spent the next few days trying to catch them. In the process he met his neighbor whose wife is able to pickup all these little kittens and would be happy to catch a few for us. Well now Jonny lives in a house and Austin said he would be happy to have cats. So now Jonny and Austin have three adorable new roommates. Trixie, Roxy and Houdini. It is kind of hard to tell the girls apart in my picture but Roxy is thee all gray one on the left and Trixie has some stripes. Houdini is the black and white boy with a moustache. They are all pretty sweet most of the time. They are definitely warming up to us. Roxy is funny because one minute she will be super sweet and purring and the next minute she is hissing at you, we think she may be bipolar. Trixie is sweet but I have to say that Houdini is the most relaxed he doesn't really get riled up about anything. Well they are about 8 weeks old and they are SUPER soft. We love them but I of course still miss my babies Boston and Tokyo, no cat will ever replace them. Now Taryn can't be mad that I didn't blog about the cats!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Things I love

Jonny just moved into a house with his cousin Austin and so of course they need a few things and we were talking about going out to Ikea and I was talking about how much I love it and it made me think of all the random things that I love and I just wanted to share those things with everyone. I of course love my family, Jonny, my friends and my animals, this list is the less obvious things, the simple things that make me happy. As already stated Ikea, if you haven't been there go! I just love looking at all the furniture and decorations and I really love bed spreads don't ask me why I just do, I think I like all the patterns. I also love looking at all the pictures they have. I also love Costco, another must go. I love the towel section at Bed, Bath and Beyond, there are just so many pretty colors, I also love bright colored towels. I love the smell rain, more specifically the smell of asphalt when it rains. I also love lightning but I always seem to miss it! I love name plants, yes giving plants names, I currently have two, Theodore and Javier. I love shoes it is bad I have way to many but I love them and purses! Right now I love my new boots I wish I had a picture! I love pictures, taking them looking at them whatever, the one thing I hate about digital cameras is you don't go get pictures developed anymore so there isn't the excitement of seeing them for the first time. I love making collages, I used to do it all the time. Reading is always good as long as I get to choose the book! I love to plan, I don't know why most people hate it but I think it's fun! I also love sporting events and sports in general. I love going to games, especially BYU football, I just love the energy and excitement. I love when you have a song that you just can't get enough of, right now it is Hot n Cold by Katy Perry. I love random quotes from movies or friends that make you laugh. There is more but I'm tired and I love sleep but I'm going to end with I love laughing so hard that your stomach hurts or until you can't breath.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Cougar

I'm super excited Jonny found out tonight that he got accepted to BYU, he is officially a cougar. He submitted his application on Oct. 1st and found out today, the 6th so it was very fast. We were checking out a movie at RedBox when he got and email on his iPhone telling him a decision had been made regarding his application. He was a little worried because he had been told there was a chance that he had too many credits to be able to transfer so he worried the only way they made the decision so fast was they saw his credits and rejected him. So we sat down at the bench and he used his phone to log on and see if he got in. We were both really nervous, he read through what was written while I sat there waiting and I was freaking out because I could not read his expression at all. I kept asking him to tell me what was going on but he just kept reading, when he got to the bottom he just hugged me and said "I'm in." I actually shrieked and hugged him back and then totally started tearing up! Then of course we called everyone. I'm so proud of him and I knew he could do it, he is amazing. So that is my exciting news for the day. It's been a pretty good past few days I got to go home, Jonny moves out to Utah with me and then he gets into BYU!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Road Trip Birthday Surprise!

My dad's birthday was today, Oct 3, so Karleigh and I decided to drive home for the weekend to surprise him. Our mom knew we were coming as well as our boyfriends but Dad had no idea, we had to tell a few white lies to trick him. We left right after our classes and got into Davis at about 8:00. We had a big sign we made for him and bows on our foreheads, we were pretty much the most awesome present ever! The trip actually didn't take too long, we made pretty good time even though we had to do the last two hours in pouring rain, my favorite way to drive windy mountain roads in the dark in the rain! haha not! Karleigh and I had fun though, she drove the manual for the first time, well we went out and practiced once but this was her first time for real. She did really well, we had a slight scare with a construction zone, her lane ended and we were forced to drive in the emergency lane and she had to slow way down but she handled it well. We kept ourselves occupied by rockin' out to boy bands and Hot n Cold by Katy Perry. We also got out In n Out which was of course amazing! It was great to get to surprise Dad and to see Mom and our boys after over a month apart!

Monday, September 29, 2008


I hate being sick. I know everyone does but yeah it totally sucks. I got a sore throat on Sunday and then it just got worse. I made it most of the way through my first class before I had to get up and leave because I was so miserable, and then I went to the second half of my evening class. I don't know what is wrong with me, I think it is just a really bad cold, it is mostly just a sore throat and then as the day goes on the other symptoms change. I decided the worst part about it was not having Jonny, my mom or Taryn here to make me feel better. I do have Karleigh, but going to the dorms doesn't help, you want to get out of the dorm. Hopefully tonight I'll actually get to sleep, I medicine and cough drops. Mostly I just hope I feel better for the weekend.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekend Fun!

Ah, finally the weekend! I took a test on Friday and got that out of the way 97% go me! Too bad Karleigh got a 100% on her test a few hours before makes me look bad! No, I was so proud of her. It was totally thanks to me though, I made her come watch The Office with me the night before, and then Friday night I made her come out with me again and she got another A on the test she took Sat. morning.
Friday we went to an intramural football game and then went to SEGO Festival, it was a music festival it was ok. But the most exciting thing happened before we even left. We went out to the car and it was kinda cold so Ashley decided she wanted to run up and change so we were going up the stairs and she totally tripped (which ironically she loves to laugh at people for doing) and hit her foot really hard. We walk in and she is like oh I'm bleeding, well it turns out she is like gushing blood, it was all over her shoe, on the floor and the tub was like red with blood, it was really gross! So yeah at least we got it taken care of! She is recovering nicely! Tonight we went bowling and now we are headed up the canyon for a bonfire! Hopefully hanging out with me this weekend will carry over to Karleigh's tests on Monday!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Beautiful Day

Ok, The Office starts in like 2 hours and I can't wait I'm so excited, and to make things even better tomorrow it Friday! YAY! I love the weekend...too bad I have kind of a lot of homework to do.

Yesterday did not start out as a good day, I woke up and I was so achy and miserable so I missed my first class. Then when I got out of bed I still felt kinda gross but then I had to go to English class, which goes from 3-4 which is a really annoying time. In class we talked about the Stanford Prison Experiment, for those of you who know what that is you probably know it is not the most uplifting of topics. It is interesting but still, people doing an experiment and having the worst possible version of themselves come out, to the point where they are physically, emotionally and psychologically abusing's sad. So, I start walking home still not in a great mood and I was listening to my iPod. On the way to my apartment there is a big grass field that I cross, when I got there I decided to take off my shoes (I decided for someone who loves shoes as much as I do I really love being bare foot.) So here I am walking across the field wit my shoes off and the song Beautiful Day by U2 comes on and I realize that it really is a beautiful day the temperature was perfect and it was just gorgeous outside and then all of the sudden I was like in the best mood! So if you're ever in a bad mood I totally recommend going and standing in the middle of a field with you shoes off and listening to Beautiful Day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ah, Tuesday...

I'm sad that it is only Tuesday but I still think that this week is going by faster than last week, even though it is only the second day! I have to say that I am super excited for Thursday night...THE OFFICE, I can't wait to find out what will happen between Jim and Pam and who knows what Michael will do, I can only hope that this season opener is as awesome as last years, when Michael hits Meredith with his car! To make Tuesday a little better Ashley and I made cheese stuffed shells and watched Hot Rod, very random if you like stupid movies you'll love it!
Yesterday I was reminded why I do not study on campus...People are WAY to fun to watch. I was sitting outside (probably a mistake) and I just got distracted watching all the people walk by, it was immensely more amusing than whatever text book I was reading. There was one girl who just stood up and started dancing there was no music she was just dancing! but good for her I guess, enjoying life.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Alpine Loop

Today I went and drove Alpine Loop with a group of people, for those who don't know Provo Alpine Loop goes up through the mountains and there are a bunch of trees and it is really pretty as the colors start to change for fall. There were a few trees that had started changing but most of them were still green but it was still gorgeous. It was also like the perfect day, blue sky a nice breeze perfect temperature all that was missing was Jonny! I pretty much can't wait for him to come here I can't wait to see him again. Well it is the start of yet another week, hopefully this one goes by faster than last week.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Game Day!

I didn't get my all sports pass this year so I wasn't sure if I would get to go to any games this year but my sister and her roommate are such good students and they figured they needed to do some studying today so they gave me and Ashley the tickets. Thanks again Karleigh and Lexi. Ashley and I decided to get way pumped for the game we put blue in our hair got stickers for our cheeks it was fun. It was way hotter than should be allowed, especially since there were clouds all around the sun just none that would cover it! We again had reason to be proud of our Cougars, who won 59-0 last week against UCLA! This week they did not dissappoint 44-0, as Jonny pointed out we are 103-0 over the past two weeks, GO COUGARS! The one downside was that I got a migraine half way though and had to leave at the beginning of the fourth quater, sad but what can you do?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

More summer

Two posts in one day crazy I know but once I do this one then I think that I can actually start blogging about what is happening to me now. So this summer I went back east for the first time ever, I went to D.C. Baltimore and Kentucky (which isn't really back east.) It was awesome and I loved it. I went with my parents and Karleigh and then when we went to Kentucky we were visiting Taryn and Grant. We got really lucky because it wasn't crazy humid, it was hot though. We got to go around and see all the monuments and memorials and stuff like that we also went into the Air and Space Museum and the Museum od Natural Hisotry which I thought was awesome. In Baltimore we went to a really cool aquarium and went boat ride on the harbor. A guy I worked with said he could get us free tickets to an Orioles game but sadly they weren't in town. Finally we went to visit Taryn and Grant in Lexington, they have an amazing house that the totally redid and it is awesome! We got to go see Churchill Downs home of the Kentucky Derby and went to the Louisville Slugger Factory. It was awesome. We did quite a bit of Olympics watching while we were there we saw Phelps win the mens free relay and were very excited. It was an awesome trip and I added five more states to my count!

My wall

Last week I was sitting on my couch looking at the wall and how boring and white it was and said that I thought it would cool if we painted a tree on it. Then my amazingly artistic roommate Ashley decided to draw up a sketch of what a tree on the wall would look like, next thing we know we are al Wal-Mart buying paint to paint our wall. So now we have a beautiful blue wall with an amazing tree on it. We painted the wall blue one night and then Ashley used her skills to chalk on the tree the next day and then we painted it. We all love it, it is one of those things in life that just makes you happy for no real reason.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Playing Catch Up

So since I just started the blog I figured I'd catch up on the interesting stuff that happened to me over the summer and stuff. To start right before we went home to California for the summer Jonny and I found two newborn kittens, they were abandoned on campus so we rescued them and brought them home. Boston is the boy, the dark one, and Tokyo is the girl, the light one. Since they were so little we had to feed them with bottles for the first month and take them everywhere. Now they are living with my parents and I miss them a ton. They are really healthy and happy so that is good. Boston is definitely the big brother but Tokyo can hold her own. They are both little trouble makers but I love them. These are pictures from when we first found them and now.

First blog

So I decided that everyone else I know has embraced the world of blogging so why not? I'm sorry Jonny, I know you wanted to make me one, so when you get your computer all set up I'll be happy to switch. Well, I'm hoping that I can actually keep up on this and be good, I will use Taryn as my inspiration. For now I guess a quick whats up with me would be good. I'm currently in my senior year at BYU and I'm studying public relations. I miss having Taryn out here in Utah with me but I'm very excited to have Karleigh out here for her freshman year. I of course miss my parents and Lassen and the two newest members of the family, Boston and Tokyo, my baby kittens. I have the greatest boyfriend in the world, Jonny. I love life and I'm trying to enjoy my last year as a college student before I have to go out into the great big world to get a job.