Sunday, January 8, 2012

Home for the Holidays

It has been awhile but I just haven't had time to post or much to post about. But now I do! I was able to go home for Christmas and New Year's this year so I was home for almost a week and a half and it was amazing. I love being home with my family and spending time with them. We missed Taryn and Grant this year but they are moving closer this summer so I'm excited. For Christmas we had a Christmas Eve dinner with just our family and one of the senior sisters is our ward.
Karleigh and I were dancing the cha cha to Feliz Navidad and the sister asked Karleigh to teach her so Karleigh cha cha danced with her. It was pretty awesome. Then Karleigh and I built a Christmas Eve fort to sleep in, it was fun and surprisingly comfortable for sleeping on the floor.
We woke up Christmas morning and went through our stocking and opened a few gifts before church.
Then we came home and got back into our PJs (well Kars and I did) and opened the rest of our presents. I went to Jonny's for a little bit and opened presents with their family. A few days later my family went to Monterey for a few days. I had missed a few trips there with my family so they decided to take me. The weather was about the best you could ask for in the winter, low 60s and sunny with the clouds rolling in in the evening. We enjoyed looking at the ocean and going around the local shops. Our hotel was right on the beach and the view was amazing.
On our second day we went to Phil's Fish Market (one of the main reasons for going) for a late lunch.
It was a nice trip and so great to be by the ocean.
On New Year's Eve Jonny's family came over we ate dinner played games and enjoyed being together.
A picture at the end of 2011.
And then the same one at the beginning of 2012.
Group shot, both families. (Missing Taryn & Grant and Aaron & Elena)
We went to my dad's ward on Sunday and then it was time to start packing up. It was such a great trip and so nice to be home and have some time to relax. We had a day where we drove around taking Davis pictures and went bowling which was tons of fun. Kars and I watched a lot of How I Met Your Mother (she got me addicted) and painting our nails with cool designs. It was a great holiday season but as always it ended too quickly.