Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

This weekend Jonny and I made the familiar drive up to Logan to spend some time with his grandparents and cousins that live there. The plan was to go spend Sunday night in Logan and then head up to Bear Lake the next morning. We were lucky enough to get an amazing Sunday dinner from his grandma and then we had cake to celebrate his cousin and granddad's birthdays. We played a few games of Ticket to Ride, which is pretty fun.
On Monday we went to the Logan Cemetery where Jonny has several relatives buried. We left a beautiful flower arrangement (made by Grandma Anderson) on his Grandma Harris' grave. It was amazing how many people were there to visit graves for Memorial Day. We then headed up to Bear Lake. This is when our awesome plans took a major hit. While Logan was nice and sunny the lake was covered with very large, threatening, dark clouds. (This is not my picture but it is a pretty good representation of what we were looking at). We made a stop at La Beau's for the famous raspberry shakes and some very good burgers. As we were eating the sun came out so we were optimistic as we headed to the beach. We were there for probably about 15 mins before the wind came and then another 10 before the rain give it another 10 before we were all loaded into the cars and on our way back. We did have some fun trying to play Ultimate Frisbee before the wind hit. Jonny was the only one who actually got in the water and I think he regretted it after, it took too long to warm up. Luckily when we got back to Logan it was still nice and sunny so we had a game of Ultimate Frisbee. It was fun and pretty evenly matched which always makes it better. I fell, dove and rolled a few times trying to get the Frisbee which means that I can barely move today but it was worth it. I am proud that all that diving lead to one pretty awesome catch. We ended the day with a game of Settlers of Catan, can't say that is one of my favorites but it was fun to be around everyone. That is pretty much what I did this weekend. Sorry for the lack of personal pictures but there really wasn't a lot that was easy to take a picture of (I think I took two the whole weekend and I don't have my camera with me right now). Hope everyone else had an amazing weekend!

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Nolo and Lauren said...

I got Aaron's message about the Bear Lake trip. Sorry we couldn't make it. My mom is in the middle of packing/moving, so we helped her.