Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bon Jovi!

A few months ago Jonny and I bought tickets to the Bon Jovi concert (birthday presents to one another) and the day finally arrived! We went and saw him perform at Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake on Tuesday.
Getting ready to leave.
Waiting to get in.
We were far away but we had a straight on shot so it worked.
Jonny got some really good shots. He also got an awesome video of Livin' on a Prayer but it is too big to put on here.
It was an strange mix of people. There were a lot of women there who were in there mid to late 40s who were dressing like they were 19 again and were seriously rocking out. It was definitely "interesting." The concert was amazing, totally worth the wait. It lived up to my expectations. We had such a good time. I couldn't stop singing the whole way home.


justified said...

I really like some of his songs! I didn't even know he was doing a concert! That's sick you guys went!

And also - It is ridiculously awesome that your work pays you to exercise!!!

Susan R said...

Bon Jovi?!!!
Okay, never in a million years would I have pegged you as a Bon Jovi fan...who knew?
Lovin' the leather jacket, black boots rocker look. Was that just for the concert?

~nOe~ said...

I'm sure you've enjoyed the concert and the 'mix' of people... which is always fun to encounter!

Greg and Betsy Rose said...

Glad you were able to have such a great time. Worth the wait, I am sure.