Monday, October 19, 2009

They say "I do"

Aaron (Jonny's brother) and Elena got married this weekend! They have been dating for a little over two years (I think that is right). I am so excited for them. I love Elena so I am excited they are together. The wedding was beautiful and everything went really well. Aaron likes suspenders so all of the wedding party wore them. The men were in red shirts, black pants, black ties and suspenders. All the girls were in either red, yellow or white shirts, black skirts, suspenders and a tie was kind of added at the end. They got married in the Logan Temple we all came to greet them as they came out. Then we had a luncheon at The Coppermill and then there was a reception in the evening. It was so fun and everything went well. So here are some pictures of the wedding and the happy couple.
Coming out of the temple.
The groom's family.
Sister picture.
Brother Picture.
I love her dress!
The Reception.
Twins for the wedding. Now we just need a couples dance to go to!


Greg and Betsy Rose said...

Too cute! Elena's dress is beautiful and I am glad all went off without a hitch. Sounds like everyone had a great time.

Nolo and Lauren said...

It was so much fun. Everyone looked great in their outfits. It great seeing you as well as the rest of the bunch.