Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vegas Reception and More Car Drama

Just a warning this post is kind of long because there was a lot to tell. Elena is from Las Vegas and so she and Aaron had a reception there. Jonny really wanted to be there for it but it was a bit of a challenge as it was on a Wednesday night and he had classes on Wed and Thurs. His major is VERY demanding and so missing classes is not good. But we came up with a solution. We figured if we leave right after his classes Wed. We could drive the 5 hours to Vegas be there for the reception. Stay the night with in his family's hotel and then leave at about 6am and make it back for his classes at 12:30. No problem right? We're young we can do it. Well it turns
out WE can the Corolla not so much. About an hour into the trip Jonny pulls out his phone and it tells him the time to Vegas is more like 6 hours not 5 (which would get us there at 8. The
reception started at 7.) but this is already an hour in so we decided to keep going. We make up
the time as we drive and about 30 miles outside of Vegas we are feeling pretty good about ourselves because we are going to get there at 7:10, only fashionably late. That is when I look down and see that the thermostat is in the red. So I pull over. For those of you who remember my post about this happening on our way to CA, this was within 10 miles of where we
overheated that time. And low and behold... the same thing was happening! So we wait it out, let the car cool down and fill it with water. While we wait we decide to change in the dark on the side of the road. Let me tell you, trying to put pantyhose on under a pencil skirt while
balancing on your shoes does not work. Then I realize they have a run and so in the process of taking them off I trip and split my skirt up the slit. (I had sewn up the slit a little bit when I got it and I just ripped that part.) So we end up getting there at 7:45 or 8. The reception was
beautiful. The woman who planned it went all out, she said she doesn't have any daughters so
she would never get to do it. Here are some pictures.
They even had another cake to cut.
This one is a little blurry but you can get an idea of the flowers they had around.
The Andersons (minus the newest one) and me with the newest one!
They had a fun table with big jars full of candy and little bags to put it in to take home. All the candy was also their wedding colors which was a nice touch!
We got to bed at about 1 and woke up at 5:30 and got out by about 6 so we were on track to make it home in time for class. Unfortunately, the leak or whatever is wrong with my car is worse this time than it was last time. Last time we could make it about 200-300 miles before needing to fill up on antifreeze or water. This time we averaged about 25-35 miles. So what should have been our 5 hour trip turned into 9 or 10 hours. Lets just say this has become an all to familiar sight.
At one stopping point on the side of the road we found a deer skeleton. It was kind of gross but mostly just cool because it was so white and clean. I really wish we had taken a picture, it was perfectly intact.
Quick side note. On the way from the reception to the hotel we stopped to get food at a really weird WalMart. It was a neighborhood market and only had food. Then we went to KFC and they took over 30 mins to get us our food so I turned off my lights so the battery wouldn't die. I forgot to tun them back on and as Jonny's parents were signaling to me I got pulled over by the meanest cop in the world. Let's just say he was really rude and stopped just short of calling me stupid. It was not appreciated on top of the other car troubles.


Jessica Zincke said...

That all sucks, I'm sorry!! Car troubles are so annoying, and cops can be SO unneccesarily mean. I miss you, we should catch up sometime!

Greg and Betsy Rose said...

Sorry that you had to have a similar adventure again but am glad it is working like a charm now. I am also happy that you and the Andersons had a great time with Aaron and Elena and their wedding celebration.