Friday, February 26, 2010


I finally found a job! Yay! I'm happy and very relieved. I am working at Family First Credit Union. Grant worked there for a few years before he left for Kentucky and enjoyed it so I'm excited. I interviewed for it on the 12th (two weeks ago.) They were very excited to find out I was Grant's sister-in-law and everyone commented on how much I look like Taryn. (Old picture but it is one where you can see us both well.)
I thought it went really well so it was just a waiting game. It was a three day weekend so I wasn't expecting to hear anything for a few days. Then on Tuesday morning they called. At first I thought it was a no based in tone of voice but I was wrong! I was so excited! They asked if I could start that day. So there it is. I have been doing training the past week and a half and I will be doing it for three more days and then I'm on my own. So far I am really liking it. So that is the job update for now. Also, I was inspired by Taryn and started making a dinner schedule and shopping on Saturday for the next week. It has only been two weeks but I love it. No more running to the store 3 or 4 times a week and we have cut back on eating out because we can't decide what to make. It has been helpful when I work in the afternoon so I can just plan for leftovers that night.


Susan said...

Congrats Holly. Good news indeed. Luck O' The Irish is right. Love the new blog look. Right in time huh?

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Yeah! I'm still so excited for you :) And good work with the dinner thing...keep it up, because I got busy and started slacking and I hate when I'm not planned and organized. It really is a great system! Saves a lot of $$$ too :)

Greg and Betsy Rose said...

Congratulations from us! We are so happy for you and are proud of you for hanging in there til something (good) came through. You will do great. Congrats on the meal planning too.