Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can I have this dance?

On Saturday Jonny and I went to the BYU Traditions Ball. Yup, we went to a ball. It was so much fun. I spent three weeks excited to go and it was worth it. They had it at the Hinckley Alumni Building. They had different activities on the different floors. There were hors d'oeuvres, dancing, dance instruction, pictures, comedy show and some other entertainment shows. They also had an area outside set up. The weather was perfect, it was just warm enough to be outside and not need a jacket. On the main floor they had a man playing the piano who is blind. He was amazing. Jonny and I started out with dance instruction where we learned some basic waltz steps. Then we got pictures taken, I'm excited to see them when they are done. Then we went to the comedy show. There was one girl who was really funny. She sang songs that she had written. The songs were hilarious and really catchy. Then we headed down to the dance. They had a great band and the music was perfect for dancing. They played a variety but they were all older style songs: swings, waltzes. Here are some pictures of us. I was a little nervous about my headband because it is so bold, but I ended up loving it! Jonny was a firm supporter of the headband all along.
This one is meant to show off the headband. We took several, the lighting was off so it made it kind of difficult but this one turned out well.
Like I said, we took a lot of pictures. I started to get frustrated!
We had so much fun. I'm so happy we went. I love getting to get all dressed up and going out with Jonny, and if we get to dance it is a double plus!


Greg and Betsy Rose said...

How Fun!!!!!! I am glad you were able to go and have a great time. It sounds like a fun activity with the variety of things to choose from. Your headband is very cute and very 1940ish. Thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

How cute. Love the dress, love the hat, love it all.

The Strongs said...

I love that picture of your meshy thing over your face and you're looking all sultry and what not. That's so fun that you guys went to a BYU dance. I'm trying to convinve Garrett that we should go to something sometime. We usually have a hard time spending that much money... Also, every time I read your post title it puts that High School Musical 3 song in my head, you know that one called "Can I have this dance?" Anyway, go you.

Hailey. said...

You are beautiful Holly! I love the headband! Sounds like a blast!! :)