Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Celebration!

The Easter celebration started with decorating eggs on Friday. I think it has been a few years since I decorated eggs, I've missed it.
The finished products.
Our "stop light" eggs.
Then on Sunday we had a big Easter family dinner. We had wanted to do it at a park and have an Easter egg hunt. Sadly, on Easter morning I woke up to snow all over the ground.
Made for a cool picture but not great for a picnic.
So we moved the party to Karleigh's and had David (cousin), Weston (3rd cousin), Kirstin, Lexi, Jonny and me. We still had an Easter egg hunt around the library.
Jonny helping Karleigh run and find eggs since her foot is injured.
Searching around the statue.
Trying to figure out where else to look.
Showing off their spoils.
After the hunt we enjoyed Easter dinner. I made ham and potato salad, Karleigh made fruit and biscuits.
The dinner spread. It was delicious.
Then for dessert David brought delicious brownies, made from scratch, and I made, you guessed it, cake pops.
Easter egg cake pops. Thank you Karleigh, Kirstin and Jonny for helping. Decorating this many would have been exhausting.
This one cracked and looked like frowning face so we made it into one.
He went with our funny faced egg.
It was an excellent Easter. It was so fun getting to spend time with everyone celebrating Easter.


Susan said...

That's awesome Holly. You would make Bakerella proud. Glad to see David there with you all, that's cool.

The Strongs said...

Those cake pops are SO cute! It looks like you guys had such a nice time, I'm glad!

Krissy said...

Your cake pops look good! I tried them for Elle's Bday last year and it was a total disaster. They still tasted good!