Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sweet Caroline bum bum bum

This week was just one of those weeks. Nothing terrible happened but lots of little things went wrong. Things like Jonny lost a bead from his bracelet, this may not seem like a big deal but I made him that bracelet the day we started dating (I have a matching one) and we have had them on ever since. They are made from hemp so we have to remake them a few times a year but the beads have been there since the beginning.
This is to show the bracelet not the crab.
Small thing but just sad. Well there were lots of little things like that that just kept going wrong. On top of that Jonny and I both had lots of trouble sleeping over the past week. We would go to bed around 11:30 or midnight but wouldn't fall asleep for hours. So, not a good week. However, this weekend was awesome. On Saturday we had to go to Salt Lake to the Apple store to replace my power cord. The Apple store is at the Gateway mall which is an outdoor mall. Well, across from the Apple store there was a show going on. When we first went over it was a bunch of girls, probably around 10-14, singing and dancing. After them a group, Synergy, performed. They were probably around 17 and 18, both guys and girls. It was actually pretty cool. They sang and danced to a Michael Jackson medley and then a Hairspray medley, which I loved.
It was fun to just be outside and enjoy being together. On our way back to Provo we went to the In-n-Out in West Jordan. We have now been to all the In-n-Outs in Utah. We did some grocery shopping at Walmart and then went back to my place. After being back for about five minutes we decided we wanted to be out doing something. We decided to go mini-golfing. We haven't been in forever. Jonny pretty much killed me but that's okay.
On our way home we decided we were hungry (we had eaten dinner at like 5) so we went and got a shake and fries at In-n-Out. That's right two trips in one day. It was an amazing day, especially considering the terrible week. Sunday was also good. We went to Jonny's ward. After we went by the duck pond and looked at all the baby ducks and saw lots of turtles.
It was fun just watching them. Then we went a tried to fly Jonny's kite. Tried being the keyword there, the wind didn't cooperate. Jonny was able to get it up for a bit by running down a hill and then continuing to run.
It was nice to be able to be outside, enjoying the great weather, and being together.
We also fell in love with the song Sweet Caroline. We had fun singing along with the Glee version on the way to Salt Lake and then singing it the rest of the day.

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