Sunday, August 8, 2010

Golfing and Family

On Friday Jonny and I wanted to go on a date. Our original plan was to go see A-Team at the dollar theater but it was sold out by the time we got there so we had to change our plans. Our next idea was mini-golf, when we got there we changed our minds again and headed out to the driving range. We have been a few times and it is always fun. I'm not very good but I started getting better. I even tried it in heels, that didn't last long.
Jonny was a great coach and he always does well.
We actually went out to the driving range again on Saturday. It was fun until we woke up this morning sore. I just never use golfing muscles so they are complaining today! Then today, Sunday, we went to dinner at my cousins house. My aunt and cousin were visiting from San Diego and staying with my cousin in Springville so we had a cousin dinner.
It was fun catching up with cousins we haven't seen in years. Karleigh, David and Brittany were making fun of Jonny and I. They ate outside at the "kid's table" and Jonny and I were inside with the adults. David said he kept waiting for me to come out and say, "ok kids it is time to go." Then when we were leaving Karleigh and David had walked out to the car and Jonny and I were still on the porch saying goodbye and talking a little longer. When we get in the car to go Karleigh points out that we really are like the parents because we took forever to leave when the kids were ready to go. I had to laugh because it was true.

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Susan said...

Does Johnny actually play golf? He looks like he's doing batting practice.
I had a nice visit with your mother and father last week. Wish they could have stayed longer though.