Sunday, September 26, 2010

A few quick Updates

There hasn't been a lot of going ons recently but I figured I could post a few things. Season 2 of Glee premiered on Tuesday so we had a Glee watching party to kick off the new season. It was really an excuse for me to make a cake. The original plan was cake with yellow frosting and red writing to match the Glee colors but I really wanted to make this chocolate cake. It is amazing and what makes it amazing is the chocolate fudge frosting, so I just did the red writing. The cake recipe has a layer of cheesecake in the middle but I left that out this time and it is still great. We had friends over had had fun watching the show and eating chips and dip and cake.
Saturday was BYU's second home game. It was hot again and sadly this time the game didn't result in a win. This year Jonny and I have seats with our sisters and our friends Jess and Steve so at least we get to hang out with friends even when the game doesn't go the way we want. I have a feeling this is going to be a rough season but I have high hopes for a year or two from now when the team isn't so young and inexperienced.
Other than work that is pretty much what I have been doing recently. Nothing too exciting but I hadn't posted in awhile so I figured I should put something.


Jessica Zincke said...

haha, I always tell Steve he looks funny when he pushes his hat up like that...:)

Susan said...

What is Glee? I keep hearing people mention it, but have no idea what it is.
I soooo want to go to a football game. I mean REALLY BADLY.

Holly said...

Susan, Glee is a musical TV show, it takes place in a high school and it is the story of their glee club. I love it, the music is amazing!