Saturday, September 11, 2010

Three Day Weekend

I realize that the three day weekend was a week ago but at least I'm getting around to it now. It was a pretty good three day weekend. Saturday was the first BYU game, they played Washington at home. It had been in the 70s-80s all week and then just in time for the game it got up to 95ish, so it was insanely hot. It was an interesting game which ended in a win so that was nice. We of course did face paint and blue hair.
Why it couldn't have been 70 for the game and 90 for the water park I don't know. The cooler weather was nice for the rest of the day though. It wasn't very crowded so we were able to go on everything and never had to wait too long. We went on the Sky Coaster which was awesome. It is the ride below. Where you are pulled way up high and then you are released and go flying.
That was pretty much our weekend. Lots of fun and not long enough.

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Greg and Betsy Rose said...

Glad you were able to have a fun time even if the weather didn't cooperate. those long weekends are nice, right? You guys look great!