Monday, May 2, 2011

Trevor and Meagan's Wedding

My cousin Trevor just married Meagan and I am so happy for them. They have also been dating for a long time so it is exciting that they tied the knot, she was part of the family already. They got married in San Diego on April 23rd. I left Friday evening and flew back Sunday morning so I was really just there for the day of the wedding. It was so great to be down there to celebrate with them and to spend time with family, the warmer weather was also nice. Our uncle Randy performed the ceremony it was really nice. The wedding was at an outdoor Mexican restaurant, there was a really nice grassy area in the back with a fountain waterfall. The food was delicious and it was a really nice atmosphere where everyone could just sit and visit. And most importantly, they looked so happy! So here are the pictures, there are kind of a lot.
Some of the Rose girls.
With the groom.
The groom with his sisters.
With the bride and groom.
Exchanging rings. I love how happy she looks.
They're married!
The girls with Grandpa. Our grandpa is cute, simple as that.
With his side of the family.
They are adorable.

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Elsie said...

Hey Holly,
We got your beautiful blanket in the mail. Thank you so much for thinking of us and sending such a sweet gift. Our little girl will definitely love it! Hope everything is going well for you. Thank you again,