Monday, May 23, 2011

The Triplet's 1st Birthday

Last week Taryn came out to Utah so we got to have some fun. She came out with her friends who have triplets. Taryn and Grant helped a lot with the three little ones before they moved. But the parents, Karrie and Al, needed a third set of hands to help on the plane so they paid for Taryn to come out. So I was really bad at taking pictures of our activities but we pretty much ate a lot, we went shopping one day and just hung out (Taryn got sick so she wasn't up for much, but we had fun.) We did have dinner with our cousins who are out here which was fun. While out here Karrie's family had a birthday party for the triplets, they turn one this week, so Karleigh and I went to meet the babies and Karrie and Al. I did take a lot of pictures here so sorry if it is picture overload but they are so cute and there are three of them so it requires 3x the pictures to cover everything.
Karleigh and Madi.
Madi and me.
All of us with Madi.
With Jordan, he had a long day and was pretty fussy most of the time.
Madi on the other hand was quite happy. We had fun saying "Madi night night" and watching her flop over like she is going to sleep and then just giggling away.
Allie, I love her little nose and her adorable hair.
Cake time! They all grabbed the candles right way.
Allie didn't seem too interested.
Jordan wasn't either.
Madi dug right in and enjoyed her cake.
And made a big mess of herself.
Allie being happy.
I guess my necklace is yummy. It kept her from crying at least.
Madi all cleaned up and sleepy.
Jordan starting to cheer up.
Karrie and Madi with the purple dress we gave to her. Allie got a matching one and Jordan got a little button up shirt.
Now one of the sisters.
So glad Taryn could come and stay with me and that we finally got to meet Karrie, Al and their adorable little ones.

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Hetty said...

They are soooo cute you must be very proud