Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm done!

In some ways this semester went so fast but at the same time the beginning of the school year seems so long ago! Either way I can't believe the semester is over and the Christmas is less than a week away. I haven't posted in awhile, I had too much to do at the end of the semester, I don't think I have gone to bed before 2 for over two weeks, but that is done now, I can sleep again, I'm so excited! I also get to go home tomorrow, and then I head down to San Diego on Saturday and Taryn and Grant get to come! I'm pretty excited for all of it and then I have my last semester of college, now that is hard to believe it doesn't feel like four years have gone by! I went sledding last night with Jonny, some of my roommates, Karleigh and Lexi, it was fun, I have a fear of sledding but I did it anyway. Also an interesting note, since the last time I posted Jonny has caught more kittens to take to get fixed and then to a place to be adopted so there are currently 8 cats in the house (that includes the 3 that are his.) All of the strays are named after Disney characters we have Meeko, Thumper, Bagheera, Nala and Hades (who is the really mean dad cat, I call him cow Hades because he looks a lot like a cow) There is one more kitten to catch and its name will be Koda (from Brother Bear). So yeah that is a run down of the cats most of them are really sweet Bagheera is kinda mean and obviously so is Hades. Now I'm going to start catching up on some sleep and the California here I come!

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Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Tell that boyfriend of yours that he needs to stop catching cats. That is out of control! Can't wait to see you Saturday!