Monday, March 16, 2009

The Tap Project PR

I am working in the Bradley Public Relations Lab at BYU this semester. It works like a real PR agency clients come to us and we fulfill their PR needs. I was put on the account for the UNICEF Tap Project. Last week was pretty much spent pitching the story to the media which, I am not going to lie, is not one of my favorite things, but for this cause it was kind of exciting. I think that it helped that it was for such a good cause and something that really matters. I just wanted to talk about it really quick because I think it is pretty amazing! The Tap Project was created by and advertising agency as a nonprofit advertising campaign for UNICEF, I believe that was in 2005. It has since grown into a nationwide campaign, over the past few years major cities across the U.S. have been participating which ad agencies in each state coming up with their own twist on it. The idea is that during World Water Week, the week of March 22, people can go into participating restaurants and pay $1 for the tap water they normally receive for free and all the proceeds go to cleaning up water in third-world countries. Even more amazing, each dollar provides 40 days of clean drinking water. So yeah I think that is a worthy cause and I am happy to be supporting it. Anyway, it has come to Utah for the first time this yeah and they pick BYU's Ad Lab as the agency to handle the account, so we have been helping with the PR aspect. I have really been enjoying it. It is my first time really getting to do real PR and I love it. I was able to get the local ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX stations to agree to cover the story along with several newspapers and radio stations. It is really exciting to be working in my field and even more exciting that I love doing it. So there is my little bit about Tap and PR. Sorry for the lack of pictures, I tired to put up our logo but it didn't work. You can see more at or at

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Grant and Taryn Layton said...

That is an awesome program and I am SO excited that you're enjoying what will soon be your work. Hope you had a good weekend.