Sunday, March 1, 2009

Marley and Me

Ok, I have to do a quick post about this book/movie. I read the book over the summer, I think it was this summer and I liked it a lot.
There were some parts that were a little slow but overall I really enjoyed it. Now I am not normally a crier in books and movies, I'll tear up slightly and feel like crying but I never do, A Walk to Remember made me cry for the first time last year and I only teared up in P.S. I Love You. But for some reason this book really got to me. At the end I was bawling and had tears pouring down my face and I was crying out loud. I don't know what it is but something about animals always gets me. When they announced that the movie was coming out and Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston were playing the leads I was a little worried. I love both of them but they belong in comedies and I didn't know that I would like them in the movie. Well I was wrong, I think that this is one of my favorite roles of Jennifer Aniston, and I LOVE Friends so that is saying something. I thought she did amazing she got all the emotions rights and just played it well, as did Owen Wilson. I saw it on Friday night with Jonny and I have NEVER cried like that in a movie, it took everything I had not to cry out loud I had tears down my face for probably a good half hour. It was amazing. Jonny cried a bit as did the guy next to me and the girl next to him and really most of the people in the theater. Saturday we went to dinner for Karleigh's b-day since it is on a Sunday and then Jonny and I wanted to take her to a movie, we were going to see Valkyrie we went 2 hours early to get tickets and it was sold out so we went to see Marley and Me again because Kars wanted to see it and I really didn't mind seeing it again, it was good. You'd think I would be ok the second time, apparently not, I didn't cry as long and didn't feel the urge to cry out loud but I still cried more than in any other movie. Katie (my roommate) came too and was crying along with me. Well the point is it is a really good movie and book, but if you cry a lot in movies then you might want to watch this one from the comfort of your own home because you will likely be bawling by the end. Also, here are a few reasons I think I'm so touched by animals, my babies! Sorry this was a bit longer than I was planning!
Also, a post to come sometime soon, the Polar Swim, as soon as I get the pictures from my roommate, but here is a teaser diving into an unheated pool in Utah in February (I'll get it up soon so you can see the pictures Taryn!)

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Susan said...

Emily and I went and saw Marley and Me together. I didn't think it was that great. However, Yes, I did cry at the end. It doesn't take much. I cry at the drop of a hat. If someone starts crying...doesn't matter what about...I'll cry along with them. Anyway...did you like it? I never read the book. Emily said the book was better.