Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

I had a wonderful Easter Sunday this year. Utah's spring decided to cooperate for the holiday and Easter Sunday was nice and sunny. On Saturday Jonny had lots of work to do and had to work the whole day so I took the chance to spend some time with my roommates. Hailey, Karlie and I went to an improv show at UVU, it was pretty funny and a guy in our ward was in it. Then we went bowling at BYU. I didn't do so well but it was still fun!

Karlie and me at the bowling alley.

And Hailey and me.

On Sunday I went to church and then we took some roommate pictures in our Easter attire. We had Karlie and Hailey's amazing home teacher and his roommate take the pictures for us. Thanks Marshall and Chase!

Then I made an Easter dinner for Jonny and Karleigh. We had pork chops, cooked apples, potatoes and rolls. I was happy, for once my pork chops weren't too dry! And of course we finished it off with lots of Easter candy from my parents. Jonny and I also went to Aaron's and did an Easter egg hunt. Overall it was a pretty great Easter weekend.

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Danielle Harris said...

I'm sad I missed you in San Diego by a day or so! I'm glad you had a good Easter and are the resident cook.It was good to see your parents and Taryn. Maybe I'll catch ya next time.