Friday, July 17, 2009

Last weekend Jonny and I decided to go to Salt Lake City to see the Joseph Smith movie and just spend some time together. We got all dressed up and headed out. About half way there my car started making a weird noise. Then, the check engine light came on. (The noise and light were actually unrelated, the noise was just my dashboard.) When I said the check engine light had come on Jonny looked over and told me to pull off as soon as I could because the temperature was all the way in the red. I then noticed their was smoke coming out of the engine. We pulled off, Jonny had to push me into the gas station nearby and we popped the hood. The "smoke" turned out to be steam, the water that is supposed to be cooling my engine was boiling and the cap had popped off. After making some phone calls we refilled the car with water and tried to head home. Within seconds of getting on the freeway the car overheated again and I pulled off on the side of a road and called a tow truck. We took it to get fixed. It turned out that my radiator (that was just replaced last summer) was full of junk and something was wrong with the thermostat. I just had to put up with a few days without my car, which I didn't like, but overall it wasn't too bad. Then today I snapped my door handle (it was already broken I just broke it more) and now I can't get it open from the inside. Jonny can get it open I just can't. Despite all of this I lvoe my car. It has been amazing and runs great, especially considering it is 16 years old! So that was my weekend adventures. Sorry for the lack of pictures. This weekend I have a concert and then head to Carpenteria for the week!

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