Sunday, July 5, 2009

Celebrating the Land of the Free

I love the 4th of July. I was slightly disappointed to begin the day because Jonny's old roommate had given us tickets to Stadium of Fire and the Jonas Brothers were performing, which we were very excited about. But the guy who gave them to us was able to sell them so we had to give them up. But we had fun hanging out with my roommates instead. Provo gets very into the 4th and there are things going on the whole weekend to celebrate. We started celebrating by going to a place in Springville called Kranky Franks. They have really good hot dogs. I somehow shot myself in the eye with the ketchup in mine. It hurts, I don't recommend trying it. We went to the Freedom Festival and looked around at all the art stands on the 3rd which was really fun. It is almost as good as the Whole Earth Festival in Davis. It was really hot but we still enjoyed it.
On the 4th we woke up early and went to the parade. I haven't been to a parade in years, even then it was just the Picnic Day Parade in Davis which was never very big. The parade was fun. The surrounding cities all had floats and the high school bands performed. It rained for about 5 mins and then cleared up for the rest of the day.
I took a nap after the parade and then we went to Hailey's house for a BBQ. It was so fun and there was so much food. We ate some amazing burgers, corn (which I have missed not being home), potato salad, homemade ice cream, cake and we made jello and jello/pretzel salad. We were pretty much stuffed. We played on the trampoline, watch a movie and played games before heading back to Provo for fireworks.This was our cute idea that failed because the sun was too bright.

We watched the Stadium of Fire fireworks from afar. They were alright. We kind of think something went wrong because they stopped for about 5 mins halfway through. I know the show is better from inside the stadium but they are supposed to be pretty great from the outside too. Honestly I was a little disappointed, Davis' fireworks are better or at least past years in Davis have been better than this year's in Provo. It was still a great day. However, I missed my family and the traditions we have for the 4th. Happy Independence Day!

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Danielle Harris said...

Sounds like you kept pretty busy and had a great weekend! Cute pictures. I like your festive shirt.