Sunday, September 6, 2009

Before and After

So I am a little behind with the blogging so here is an update of some of what has been happening, as before and afters.
So first is moving. Ok, so here is the before.
We had our beautiful tree and they painted over it while we were trying to move out.We stayed up VERY late and then woke up VERY early. Which lead to me wear rain boots with shorts (I don't know why I'm holding detergent). It was a very long process and it was very tiring but now I have a nice new place with my own room and bathroom and a nice big bed.
So here is the after. My new room and a wall in the dining area.
Another quick before and after. Below is our quote board that is now a picture wall.
Before... This big hunk of raw pork (12 pounds to be exact) was cut down into pieces and all the fat was cut off (not a fun process)...After it became a delicious Cafe Rio style pork salad...So this one isn't the one we actually made but I forgot to take a picture so you get to see this one.
And finally...
Before I was really excited to watch these teams play and was even more excited when BYU won. It was pretty much amazing. I love college football and it is even better when the Cougars win. It was a great game and BYU totally dominated even though the score doesn't really reflect that. And after the three of us went to the Provo Airport at 1:30 am...and joined all of these people...
in welcoming home these guys...It was really fun to be there with a bunch of people. Everyone was cheering and when the plane doors opened it was insane people were chanting BYU and Bronco and singing the fight song. We got to give high fives to lots of the players and Bronco gave a quick speech. Here's Bronco with his police escort. So glad he decided to go for it on fourth and four!
So that is an recap of what has happened over the past couple of weeks.

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Greg and Betsy Rose said...

Good to see you back and running on your blog. Things are coming together at your place. I'm glad we could be there to help a little. Go Cougars!