Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Kindra!

Saturday was my new roommate Kindra's 21st birthday so I made her a cake. She requested Funfetti with rainbow chip frosting. I love that kind so I was happy to do it. My only problem is that frosting makes it very hard to decorate. I mean it is kind of a decoration on its own but I still like to decorate it. So thank you to Karleigh for the idea! Here is the cake.The squares are made of blue sprinkles. I made a stencil out of wax paper and there ya go! She seemed to like it a lot so I was happy. Now I just need to get some cake pans that are something other than 9x13. Making and decorating those gets old. Hopefully I'll get around to get before the March birthday rush!

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Greg and Betsy Rose said...

cute idea Holly. No Taryn around, so no good cake pans. I guess it will have to go on your want/need list.