Monday, September 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I got to go home for a few days last week. My mom called like two weeks ago and told me my aunt was going to be driving from Provo to Davis and said that I should drive with her and then they would fly me home. So last Tuesday I went home! It was really nice to be home. I enjoyed getting to spend time with my family and see all the kitties and Lassen. I also got some doctors appointments out of the way. I went shopping with my mom at Galleria which is always fun. We got to go to H&M which I love.
I got lots of nice work clothes, now I just need a job. They will come in handy for interviews and it is nice to just have some professional clothes. We also found suspenders for me to wear for Aaron and Elena's wedding. I got to eat at some good Davis spots Pluto's and of course In n Out. We also went to the Farmers Market which I haven't been to in awhile. We also went to see Love Happens. I liked it a lot. I thought it would be funnier but it was still great. I want her house. I left early Saturday morning. It was really nice to take a break from the job hunt but now it is time to get back to it.


Greg and Betsy Rose said...

It was really sweet to have you home Holly. Nice to sit on the sofa with you and watch a TV show. It was great to be with you Sweetie!

Susan said...

Emily and I went to see this. We really liked it. Burke is a cutie.