Monday, November 2, 2009


This year for Halloween I actually decided what I wanted to be before Halloween day. Jonny was a vampire, the old school kind with a cape, and I was his dark fairy girl. We kind of put the two together and made it work. I think it turned out really well. The one thing that made me mad is we got Jonny these really cool vampire teeth that mold to your teeth so it isn't the annoying 50 cent ones. But for some reason they would not stay in his mouth so they didn't work at all. But vampires don't always have fangs so it worked. I had to shampoo my hair 3
times to get all the black spray dye out of my hair.
Karleigh and Steven were thunder and lightning.
We went to a Halloween party at Karleigh's. There was lots of good food and we played some fun games. I made ghost cake pops from the Bakerella website. They were fun and I think they turned out really well. They take kind of a long time but they aren't too difficult. I think they turned out really well. They are cake and frosting mixed together and then dipped in chocolate. We put them around my haunted house so it was a little haunted scene.
I also made 7-layer bean dip.
Karleigh and her roommate made Lil' Smokies wrapped in crescent rolls and then made them look like mummies and this adorable cake.
It was lots of fun and I think everything turned out really well.


Greg and Betsy Rose said...

You two looked amazing, your picture on your blog is way cute too. Glad that halloween was fun for all.

Jessica Zincke said...

Fun! Awesome customes...awesome food!