Thursday, October 14, 2010


Last weekend was the Homecoming game. It really didn't feel like homecoming, probably because I wasn't on campus at all and didn't see any of the activities. I had to work in the morning but I got off in time for the game. It was an awesome "free stuff" day, on the way to the game I found $15 on the ground (yes I kept it, there was no way I would have found the owner), when we got to the game our section had free sports backpacks and visors and then at the end of the game I found some pom poms. The game started out amazingly, the team played really well but it slowed down a little bit but we still won! It was lots of fun.
Smiling after our win. I made the matching "game-day headbands." It was while making these headbands that I dropped a piece of felt cover in hot glue on my thumb giving me a nice, large and very painful blister.

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Susan said...

All in all that sounds like a pretty lucky day to me. Finding $15.00 dollars is a rare thing. I was excited just finding a dollar bill under the seat of my car last night while looking for the ink pad that Jack spilled on my floor. Nice!