Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Sweatshirts

A few weeks ago Jonny and I were at WalMart and they had Christmas sweatshirts. We found one with a moose on it and decided we had to get it for Kirstin (moose are her favorite animal.) Then we say one that said "Happy Holly Days" so I had to get it for me since it had my name on it. Then I wanted to get one for Karleigh so the three of us could have Christmas sweatshirts so I found one that had cute candy canes on it. We also got the in 2XL so the would be big and comfy and fit into the ugly Christmas sweater category. I also thought it would be cute to get all dressed up and then put them on and take pictures. So today Jonny was kind enough to act as the photographer for our Christmas sweatshirt photo shoot. Personally, I think we make the giant sweatshirts work.
Mature huh?
This one makes me laugh.
Then of course I made Jonny take some with me. He didn't like wearing Karleigh's belt.

He didn't want a kiss.
Then he decided to attack me with a hug.
I know I put up a lot of pictures but I couldn't choose which ones to use so I just put most of them up.


Greg and Betsy Rose said...

Cute girls in humongous sweatshirts. The shirts are actually kinda cute but I understand that you would not be caught going out in them without a purpose. Enjoyed all the pictures, always love seeing you girls.

Danielle Harris said...

You are too funny! I love how into holidays you get! I am a huge holiday girl too and your kids are gonna love it!

Hey, I need your and Karleigh's addresses so I can mail you Lila's announcement. Thanks!