Sunday, December 19, 2010

Will it Blend?

Karleigh and I were at Costco Saturday and they had a display for the Blendtec blender. This thing is amazing! It adjusts the speed itself so smoothies are even and smooth. It make ice cream and hot soup! No, I'm not selling it, I just really want one. Karleigh and I were marveling at it. Blendtec in actually based in Orem. I have seen them at Costco a few times but I first learned about the company in my marketing class. The owner makes "Will it Blend" videos. Like this one... They have become a huge YouTube hit. The owner take random stuff to see if it will blend. Golf balls, marbles, iPads, iPhones. Well, at Costco the owner was there. We got a picture with him.
The coolest part was right after this picture we watched him blend that rake. We were amused.
In case you were wondering there is one thing the Blendtec blender won't blend.

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