Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wedding Weekends

I had two roommates get married this month. First was Jess to Steve on Jan 10th. I was a bridesmaid with Ashley and Katie. It was really beautiful, her reception was at a church house and you could barely recognized it, it had lights and lanterns and arches, really beautiful. They looked so happy and in love.Ashley and Miguel got married the next weekend. They both looked so happy and in love, it was really wonderful to see. Their reception was also beautiful as was the bride of course. They started dating while taking a ballroom dance class together so their first dance was a waltz followed by a salsa. It was so fun and so unique. I'm so happy for all of them

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justified said...

haha, it seems like every season is wedding season when you live in utah... it always feels like there is someones wedding to go. haha. good times!