Monday, February 23, 2009

Fake Birthdays

In my apartment we do a little something for everyone's birthdays. We usually take the birthday girl out to dinner, give her a present from all of us and of course make her a cake. Well Ashley and Karlie's birthdays fall during times when we aren't all around (Christmas Day and in June) so they both picked fake birthdays and we celebrated on those days. Ashley's was last month and Karlie's was on Friday the 20th of this month. She said all she ever wanted was an ice cream cake and she never got one so we figured that was perfect. We also got her a purple scarf and took her to Taco Bell (which isn't cheap of us because it is her favorite place to eat). We blindfolded her and went to a Taco Bell that wasn't close to our place so she got really confused. While there the manager came out and gave us all free Frutistas for calling in and doing a survey, it was weird but the drinks were good. I honestly don't think that I have ever seen anyone as truly excited to get a scarf as Karlie was. She couldn't stop smiling and laughing and it was completely genuine, and then when the ice cream cake came out it was even better. The cake was amazing, red velvet with cake batter ice cream, the one pictured below is the actual cake.
We ended the night by playing games, we played a fun word/charades game where everyone writes down 5 names and they are put in a bowl and through 3 rounds you get your team to guess them. The first round you describe them, second round you can only use 3 words to get your team to guess the person and the last round is charades. It is really fun. We also played Buzz Word which I love. All in all it was a pretty fun fake birthday. I also got High School Musical 3 at WalMart I was quite excited I love that movie, really I love all three of them, maybe I should be embarrassed by that but I'm not ! Sorry that I don't have any real pictures, I was lame and didn't think about taking any, but at least it is the right cake!

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Steve and Jessica said...

FUN!!! I've really been wanting to come visit! Would you and Jonny wanna do something with us sometime? It'd be fun to see you!!!