Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day and San Diego

This year's Valentine's Day was a little bit different for Jonny and me. My great-aunt Joan is sick and the doctor has only given her a few weeks to live. It's one of those things that is really sad but she is 89 and has had a good life and is ready to go. But Karleigh and I wanted to go visit her and say goodbye so Jonny, Karleigh, her friend Seville and I piled into the car on Friday the 13th and headed to San Diego for the 3-day weekend. We made a stop at In-n-Out in St. George, so I have now had it in 3 states! I have tried many times to count how many I have been too but it is just way too many.We also stopped in Vegas and went into a few of the hotels and casinos just to look around which is always fun. We were going to go in the roller coaster at New York, New York we had even paid and were in line but it started raining and I guess it is too dangerous so we got our money back but didn't get to go.

We got into San Diego around 2am and went right to sleep. The next day Valentine's Day we headed out to the beach and laid out in the sun and wrote in the sand, we also walked around the boardwalk and went to the San Diego Temple. At the temple one of the missionaries was from our home stake and we had no idea she was there, crazy!

A day at the beach, Kars and Seville came too, but I don't have a picture of them.

The temple, so pretty at any time of the year!

We didn't really do anything Valentiney (yes I made it up) because we were with my family but we still enjoyed it. I gave Jonny a white tie with kisses all over it, made by me, and a slide show of pictures, when we get a chance he is taking me out to dinner. We also went and saw Taken with may parents and Kars and Seville. It was really good. We went to church with Grandpa on Sunday and then some of our cousins came over so that was fun. We also got to see my mom's brother Rocky and his wife Karel who we rarely get to see. We left Monday they first part of the trip went well, there was rain but nothing too bad. We made another stop in Vegas to hit the rest of the hotels. Once we left it did not stop POURING rain until it started snowing VERY hard around Cedar City, so we ended up having to get a hotel room and wait out the weather for the night so that we could drive safely and so we wouldn't have to drive 15 mph for the last part. So that is pretty much a break down of our weekend!


Steve and Jessica said...

Heehee, you got to stay at a hotel with Jonny again. :) Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

First off, cute green jacket :)Second, I had that same background for a day but then switched it but I will probably go back soon! Third, I wish I had been there with you guys so we could have gone swimming again! And fourth, miss you!