Wednesday, February 25, 2009


8 TV Shows I enjoy watching (I don't really watch all these regularly though):
1.) One Tree Hill
2.) House
3.) The Office
4.) The King of Queens
5.) Friends
6.) How Do I Look
7.) American Idol
8.)Extreme Make Over: Home Edition

8 Things that happened yesterday:
1.) I took a nap
2.) I wore short sleeves with no jacket and was warm enough
3.) I did my laundry
4.) I saw Kirsten's new baby
5.) I watch Brother Bear
6.) I ate taquitos, Mac and Cheese and tatertots fro dinner
7.) I was early to class
8.) I played with Jonny's kittens

8 Things I am looking forward to:
1.) Summer
2.) Graduating
3.) getting in shape
4.) The weekend
5.) All the birthdays this month (March)
6.) Moving into a new place
7.) Dinner
8.) Having long hair again

8 Things on my wish list:
1.) Get an internship
2.) Get a job
3.) Marry Jonny
4.) Go to Greece (I know its like the one below but I especially want to do Greece)
5.) Go all over Europe
6.) Live in a state other than Utah or California for at least 2 years
7.) Get over Chronic Fatigue
8.) Go skydiving (I'll steal this from Janet)

8 Things Jonny did yesterday: ( I don’t have a spouse so I'm doing it for Jonny)
1.) Did laundry
2.) Fed cats
3.) Took several physical science quizzes
4.) Watched Brother Bear
5.) Watched FOX News
6.) Did lots of reading for accounting
7.) Worked on WeaveOS
8.) Texted his brother

8 People I Tag:
1.) Taryn
2.) Karleigh
3.) Mom
4.) Jessica
5.) Ashley
6.) Kasey
7.) Lauren
8.) Carol

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