Sunday, June 7, 2009


This weekend I did something that I have always wanted to do but always chickened out. I got hypnotized. A big group of us (which finally included Jonny now that he is done with his paper) went to Wiseguys to watch our our friend Seth perform in an improv show. It was funny and we were happy to support him. After his show there was a hypnotist show and I decided I would volunteer. I went out like right away and was out for a bit but then at one point the girl next to me fell asleep on me and when we woke up the popped up and hit me right in the chin and it broke my concentration and kinda woke me up. I stayed with it but then the guy came by and commented on how shiny my shoes were and said they looked like avocado and then said they looked like shiny guacamole I started cracking up. Ashley and I have been obsessed with guacamole for the past week and talked about how the word sound funny and so when he said it I just lost it. I seriously could not stop laughing and I knew it wasn't that funny but it was like when you get the giggles late at night there is nothing you can do about it. He tried to get me to relax again but I couldn't stop laughing so I just went back to the audience. I think if I had stayed up there I would have been out again cause sitting in the audience listening to him talk I would start to drift off when he told the people on stage to. So it wasn't completely successful but it was still fun and my friends had fun laughing at me for the time I was out. Well I guess now that I know not to be worried I will try it again!


Greg and Betsy Rose said...

Glad you had a fun time. It is always fun to see what people will do especially if you know them.

Nolo and Lauren said...

I didn't know ya'll went to Wiseguys... which location? Nolo and I like to go. He used to do stand up comedy there and knows the owner really well. Always a fun time.