Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crazy Weekend

This weekend was fun and tiring. On Friday our friend's roommates went out of town so she came up and had a sleepover. Before the sleepover we went to the Provo carnival. I seriously think that EVERY town in Utah has a carnival during the summer. We went on the Kamikaze and the Ferris Wheel. Elsie was freaking out, I was laughing through the whole ride because she was freaking out so much. There is actually a really funny video of it somewhere.
This was before Elsie freaked out.
Jonny and I waiting to go on the ride.
On the Ferris Wheel.
Then we came back to our apartment and played Monopoly Deal until WAY too late. It was Jonny, Seth, Hailey, Elsie and me. We all got a little crazy but it is always more fun that way. On Saturday we went and saw Star Trek, which was amazing I am definitely a fan. The we went to a Tongan wedding. Elsie's cousin got married and so we went with her. We ate more food there than I care to remember.
This is a picture of my plate when I was DONE eating. And I had stuffed myself.
There was pork, chicken, shrimp, mussels, some sort of salted beef, rice, egg roll like things (those were amazing), pasta salad with crab, some noodle thing, yams, caro, three kinds of cake. I think that was all. And I tried everything. Pretty much when I got home I wanted to throw up. The food was amazing, I just ate too much of it. We played Monopoly Deal and other games with friends again on Sunday. It was a very fun weekend but I did not sleep enough which means I ended up feeling less than ideal early this week but I'm over it now.

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