Sunday, June 28, 2009

What is happening?

I feel like every time I have gotten on Twitter this week there has been a new trending topic about RIP _____. I got to work on Thursday and saw (on Twitter) that Farrah Fawcett had passed away. I got home from work and went out to the pool. When I came back in I took a shower and Ashley started banging on the door and said she was opening and told me Michael Jackson had died! Then I made the mistake of trying to call Jonny from the shower to tell him. Now I didn't have the phone in the actual water but it still got wet and got a little messed up. When I got out and finally got a hold of Jonny he turned on the news and said Michael wasn't actually dead yet. So I watched until the news got the news of his passing. I was a little disappointed that radio stations didn't play his music non stop for the next 24 hours but at least E and VH1 did tributes to him. Then today I was on Facebook and found out Billy Mays had died. I then went to Twitter and low and behold he was a trending topic. So really this has been a crazy week and a sad one. I feel like over the past two years lots of famous people have died pretty unexpectedly- Anna Nicole, Heath Ledger, Bernie Mack, Natasha Richardson and now these three.
A side note. If you ever get your phone wet put it in a bag of rice and it dries it right up. That's what I did and my phone is all better now!


Jessica Zincke said...

Unless you get salty-ocean water on it...I did put mine in rice, and it didn't work...:(. Oh, and Ed Macman (I don't know how to spell it) died earlier last week too!! It is weird!!

Karleigh Rose said...

Some other lady who was an old star she was like 80 something now died yesterday I think too