Friday, June 5, 2009


My roommate is playing intramural soccer at BYU and so we went to support her. Hailey favorite word is domination, I don't know why but it is. So Ashley and I decided to make shirts for the game with the #4 on the front (her number) and domination on the back.
Here is Ashley and I modeling the shirts. The boys' don't have the sides tied.
We had a group of five of us all wearing the shirt and cheering her on.
Ashley and I at the game.
They won in a shootout after being tied 0-0 the whole game and through overtime. We were excited for her but sad that Karlie couldn't play, since she tore her ACL in her last game.
Karlie and I at the game, she was such a good sport.
Sadly Jonny couldn't come because he was working away at his paper. He has been working very hard for the past week (well all semester but especially hard this past week). He has had lots of projects and on top of that he has had to look for a new place to live on short notice so he has been very busy. I'm very proud of him and how hard he is working but I miss getting to spend lots of time with him We still made him a shirt so he will be able to jump in for the next game. Her team is in the tournament now and so hopefully we will get to cheer her on and wear a shirts all the way to the championship game!
The girls.
Karlie and I show off the back and Seth shows off the front.
The #1 fan section (minus one), matching shirts are a must.
Ashley and I with Hailey after the game. She played so well!


Greg and Betsy Rose said...

You are having a great time with your roomates. Must be nice to have time to play and not worry about school. Enjoy it while you can.

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

So fun! Your hair looks cute too :) Tell Karlie that ACL tears are hard core!

Jessica Zincke said...

FUN! Your shirts are WAY cute. And I LOVE your hair!