Sunday, August 9, 2009


For my internship I had to read the book Trust or Consequences by Al Golin. It was pretty interesting but not really the subject of this post. It is more one thing he said in the book. He said someone once called him a dinosaur because he said he didn't think that online shopping would ever completely replace in store shopping. I totally agree. There are the obvious reasons (or at least what I consider obvious reasons) that online will not cut it. First online shopping does not allow you to try on the clothes you purchase which is important for fit and look. There have been times I have tried on things that look a little weird on the hanger but look good on. Second, there is an added time, cost and hassle for shipping for online purchases. But for me these are not the main reason. Online shopping cannot replace the experience of shopping in a store. I love going into a store and seeing all the new clothes. I love walking between all the racks looking through all the clothes. Finding a cute new dress or shirt, trying it on and having it fit perfectly, taking it to the register and having them hand it back to you in a bag. It's so great to leave the store with the bag that shows it belongs to you. The best are the real paper bags with the cord handles. How could online shopping ever replace Christmas shopping at the mall with all the people and the decorations? Also, without in store shopping I would never get to go to the towel room at Bed, Beth and Beyond! I don't knew who the guy was who called Golin a dinosaur but he obviously is shopping with the wrong people. Hopefully this doesn't make me seem materialistic or anything. I don't always buy things when I shop, most of the time I just like to go for the experience

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Grant and Taryn Layton said...

I completely agree. I love the paper bags with handles MUCH more than I like figuring out what to do with the box and bulky shipping material from online purchases. I also like the instant gratification of in store shopping and the ability to return without having to package it all back up and ship it back. I will be sorely disappointed if in store shopping is discontinued in my lifetime (and like you, I don't think it ever will be).