Thursday, November 19, 2009


Jonny and I are both sick. It is no fun to say the least. We both started with coughs that really were not bad and now we are both miserable. Really my whole apartment is sick. We are a sad sight. Now Jonny and I have both been coughing worse, we have had fevers on and off and everything that goes with fevers. We have been pretty much sitting around relaxing and drinking a lot of fluids. My diet has consisted of the following...

This by the way is the best 7up ever! And up there among the drinks. But it is seasonal so Jonny and I stock up on it.

I have forgotten how much fevers suck- hot then cold, sore muscles, sensitive skin. I am just waiting for it to go away. Hopefully that will happen before break. The part that makes me the most mad is everything went through for being a sub and now I can't go in, so I guess I'll wait until after break.


Susan said...

I get everything except the first item. What is that?
Are you sure it's not the swime flu? If it's within 48 hrs. you can take Tamiflu.

Susan said...

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