Monday, June 14, 2010

San Diego

I figure if I write about my trip as I go it will save everyone from one LONG post later.
I got into San Diego on Saturday night. I flew from Salt Lake to Denver, then to San Diego. It was pretty much cloudy the whole time. But the sunset was amazing. It came from under the clouds and it looked like the sky was on fire.
On Sunday we went out and visited Don and Cara. We went out to lunch and just hung out and talked.
Me and my cousin Jonathan.
On Monday we went to the beach. Unfortunately it was cloudy. Karleigh and I decided we would brave the cold water and boogie board.
The water wasn't too bad once you got in. The waves were brutal though.
Karleigh and I could not get out to the waves because the ones that were breaking in front of us were too strong. Every time one came we would be pushed back 4 or 5 feet. One knocked me off my feet grabbed my board and dragged me underwater for about 6 feet. When I finally was able to get out far enough to catch a wave it flipped me off my board and dragged me underwater again. I have never been so worn out by boogie boarding in my life. It was still fun though. We stayed for awhile and then went to visit Grandpa. We took him to In n Out and just visited with him for awhile. I love my grandpa. Off to SeaWorld tomorrow.


Grant and Taryn Layton said...

SO fun! It's a good thing I'm coming or this would make me even more jealous. Looks like you had some fun despite the clouds. I will bring the sun with me!

Susan said...

So fun. I'm jealous. Grandpa looks so happy to be with you.
Thanks for sharing this.