Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SeaWorld and Beach

On Tuesday we went to SeaWorld. It was nice we went in a little later in the day and just had a "relaxing" day there. We didn't worry about getting everything done, we just went and did the things we wanted to do and didn't do the things we didn't as much care about. We did the Wild Arctic ride and Atlantis to start the day. We went through the penguin exhibit.
We saw the sharks. We went and saw the Shamu show. And the new dolphin show. It was pretty cool there was a lot going on. My one complaint was the dolphins weren't out long enough. One thing I had never done before was they have a place where the dolphins are out and playing with balls and you can pet them and play with them. It was so cool. We were looking at them for awhile then the trainers said it was time for the dolphins to get ready for their show so we walked away. As we do a dolphin comes up and starts throwing a ball to the girl who took our spot. We were kind of mad. We ended the day on the rafting ride. We always end on this ride so after we get soaked we can go home. Here are the before pictures.
My parents got totally soaked the first time on. Karleigh and I both got pretty wet. Kars and I went again the second time we got drenched. I only got after pictures of Karleigh and me. We were cold.
On Wednesday we went to the beach again. Taryn was supposed to get here in the morning but didn't get on a flight so it was Wednesday night instead. Luckily it was sunny this time. It was a really good beach day. We enjoyed being out laying on the beach and Karleigh and I enjoyed boogie boarding. There were some good size waves that were less brutal this time.
Shopping and more beach tomorrow!


Susan said...

Cute dresses girl!
It really amazes me to see how much you all have grown up. I know, "that's such an old lady thing to say", but it's true. I remember the summer vacations when we would all pile into grandma's and grandpa's house and how you would constantly get out of bed. That part would crack me up. I also remember a Cabbage PAtch doll called (Donna Dessima) I think that was it and it's head was totally broken. Am I thinking of someone else?
Now I'm looking at pictures of hubands, girl friends, college, etc...What the heck is going on here?

Danielle Harris said...

I am so jealous you are in San Diego! I was supposed to be there next week for a whole month with lots of beach going and family time! Oh well, I'm so glad you get to enjoy the vacation! You and Karleigh look so cute in your beach dresses. Have fun!

Holly said...

I cannot believe you remember my cabbage patch doll! That is so funny. We were just talking about her and her broken head the other day.